Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The TV Guide: Thai One On

It pains me to admit that I simply didn't have the heart to try and concoct an April Fool's Joke for today ... even tho a good joke can be a lot of fun, I just felt that some zany revelation or announcement made by me today would only be seen as a pitiful joke and I decided to skip the shenanigans this year. Actually, I haven't really come across any good April Fool's jokes today ... altho, Gmail did try to be funny. Ah well, mebbe next year.

Last night, I met up with Mike G., Adriana, Amy, her husband Scott (and their children), and my Mike for dinner at Rambutan Thai. It was Mike G.'s last full night here in LA (he flies back to Detroit tonight) so I wanted him to partake of the amazingness that is Rambutan. We had a lovely meal and a great convo ... it was a very nice night.

This afternoon, I'm meeting up with Tony so that we can go to the taping of Dancing with the Stars to see Kylie Minogue perform live on the show. I'm so excited ... normally I don't do dress code events (I loathe wearing ties) but this is one event I couldn't pass up. I'm not really counting on getting to meet Kylie but I am hopeful that maybe a chance meeting can happen. In the end, I'm just happy that we get to see her in such an intimate setting. Make sure you tune in tonight to watch DWTS so that you can see Kylie, too!!

I have no plans for the rest of the day ... I want to get some work done and do some cleaning ... really interesting stuff. It's a beautiful day outside, maybe I'll enjoy some of it while I'm out. Have a great April Fool's Day ... I'd be weary of wooden nickels today.