Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pleas Mischa, Don't Hurt 'Em

People magazine is reporting that Mischa Barton will likely accept a plea bargain deal with the LA county attorney in her DUI case that will allow her to evade serving a jail sentence. Under the terms of the reported deal, Mischa will have to complete a 3-year probation term, pay a fine and attend an alcohol-education class ... which all sounds much more pleasurable than having to enjoy the amenities offered by the Lynwood Correctional Facility:

Mischa Barton will accept a plea deal in her DUI case, sparing her any jail time, a source tells PEOPLE. The former O.C. star will plead no contest to DUI at her arraignment Thursday in Beverly Hills court, and agree to serve a three-year unsupervised probation term, the source says. Barton will also be sentenced to a three-month alcohol-education class, and pay a fine of approximately $1,700. In addition, a marijuana possession charge against the actress will be dropped, due to the small amount found. Another charge of driving without a license will be reduced to an infraction, according to the source. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office would not comment on the case. The terms of the plea deal, negotiated by Barton's lawyer Anthony V. Salerno, are expected to be signed off on by the court Thursday. Such a deal is common for first-time offenders.

And with this plea deal, Mischa Barton becomes the latest Hollywood "It" Girl to get busted for drunk driving AND NOT have to endure a jail sentence ... leaving Paris Hilton as the only Hollywood socialite to have that distinction. In fact, we are closing in on the 1-year anniversary of Paris's incarceration ... ah, memories. Well, good for Mischa for working the system to her advantage ... hopefully she's learned her lesson and she'll stay out of trubs and will stop endangering the lives of others with her intoxication. [Source]