Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Universal Appeal

When Kate Moss arrived in LA a couple of weeks ago, she looked like she was having a rough time dealing with the crush of paparazzi that showed up at LAX Airport to welcome her ... but she's had some time to settle in, get acquainted with the environment and actually start to have some fun. Over the weekend, Kate took her daughter Lila Grace to Disneyland for some fun bonding time together ... and also made time for a visit to the Universal Studios Theme Park. Here are pics of a jubilant Kate seeming to enjoy Jurassic Park: The Ride:

Photo credit: Splash News

OMG ... she actually looks like she's having fun. See, it's almost impossible to stay crabby and pissy here in SoCal. If the wonderful weather can't put a smile on your face then the endless supply of cheesy theme park rides will deffo do the trick. It's great seeing Kate enjoy herself ... even if she has to look like a wet pooch in order to do so. [Source]