Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The TV Guide: Taxed To Death

Blah. Full disclosure here ... I'm not really in a great mood today. I got the bad news from my taxperson last night how much money I'll be paying out to the government today. While being self-employed affords a lot of luxuries, it also opens you up to a major effing over come April 15th. I'm sure there are some of you feeling the pains of tax day today so just know that I'm commiserating with you today.

This afternoon I have an interview with a certain someone that I hope to make available to all y'all very soon ... which I'm very excited for. Tonight I may be going to a movie screening but we'll have to see how the day goes. I'll be heading by the bank this afternoon to make a withdrawal so hopefully I won't be jumping off any high bridges along the way. OY!