Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is Nina In Or Is She Out?

So yesterday afternoon I received an email from Elle.com alerting me to the fact that a new video has just been made available on their website, which is a usual kind of email that pops up in my inbox from time to time. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the video is titled Inside Nina's Closet and is described as an insider's peek into the closet of Elle magazine's Fashion Director Nina Garcia where in she talks about "the clothes she loves". This video from Elle.com is being made available one business day after news reports started circulating on the InterWeb that Nina was ousted from the mag. Could this faux pas-esque video have been made available accidentally or does this mean that Nina's career at Elle isn't quite dunzo yet?

Here is the full text from the email that was sent along with the link to the this video on Elle.com:

Check out ELLE.com's exclusive footage of Nina Garcia giving a tour through her personal closet. We think your readers will be interested in hearing her take on personal style and why she owns the classic Chanel bag in every color.

Er, I think we're very interested in this video because Nina is clearly credited thruout the video as the Elle magazine Fashion Director ... despite the fact that reports are circulating that she has been let go from the mag. Is it really possible that the magazine is trying to plug this video while they still can to generate views on the site? Could they really be this tacky or is this just an innocent blunder? Despite Nina's ousting from Elle, she is expected to stay on as a judge on the hit show Project Runway. This is the best news I've heard from all of this mess thus far. Whether she's with Elle or not, Nina Garcia is an integral part of PR and the show would be really hurt if it lost her. There has still been no official statement made from either Elle magazine or Nina herself on any of this. I expect we should be hearing official word one way or the other very soon. [Source]