Friday, April 11, 2008


Prince William earned today Britian's coveted flying wings (essentially, the UK's version of becoming Top Gun in the naval air force) in a ceremony where his new honor was bestowed upon him by his father, Prince Charles, and was attended by members of the Royal Family and Wills's on-again girlfriend (fiancée?) Kate Middleton. Here are a few pics from Wills's graduation and award ceremony earlier today in Lincolnshire:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Prince William received his coveted flying "wings" at a Royal Air Force graduation on Friday, while girlfriend Kate Middleton looked on with pride. Britain's Air Chief Marshall – who happens to be his dad, Prince Charles – presented 25-year-old William and 32 other graduates with their "wings" during a 45-minute graduation ceremony at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire on Friday morning. The young prince is following in the footsteps of his father, who also earned his RAF "wings" at the same flight school back in 1971. William's uncle, Prince Andrew, is also a pilot, having flown helicopters in the South Atlantic during combat operations in 1982's Falklands War. Also in attendance at the graduation for Flying Officer Wales – his Air Force rank and name – was his stepmom Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Middleton, meanwhile, continued to show her support – having also attended William's Sandhurst army college graduation in 2006 ... Prince William began his pilot training in early January and was soaring the skies solo after only eight days of tutoring. Dressed in his full RAF "No. 1" dress uniform, William proudly showed his father and Camilla the helicopter he learned to fly in. Says spokesman Locke: "To have your wings presented by Prince Charles is very special, I'm sure none of these graduates will forget today."

As if Prince Wills needed any more pedigree to make him an even dreamier prince, now he has his own pair of flying wings. As both an officer and a gentlemen, Prince Wills seems poised to become Britain’s top Royal heartthrob. While Prince Harry is bizzy doing the dirty work in actual war, Wills is content with garnering medals to wear on his lapel. Don't mind me, I'm just insanely jealous ;) Much congrats, Prince Wills. [Source]