Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Pre-Mama's Day, Jamie Lynn!

While mama Lynne Spears was celebratin' part of her Mother's Day weekend with her eldest daughter Britney Spears in SoCal, her youngest daughter Jamie Lynn Spears was back home in the deep South celebratin' Mother's Day with her babydaddy Casey Aldridge at the Galilee First Baptist Church in McComb, MS. JL ain't due to birth her young'n for a few weeks yet but it's never too early to start celebratin' Mother's Day with the unwed father of your fetus :)

Photo credit: X17

Lawd, these two have got some really bad hair (Casey looks like he just took a Tupperware bowl off his head) ... but I don't imagine there is much discriminating taste at the Galilee First Baptist Church in the first place. The coldest cockles of my heart are warmed by the happy faces of these two unwed soon-to-be parents ... you can just feel the joy emanating from their felicitous countenances. I bet the couple were prayin' for a miracle during their church visit ... I dunno that they can really count on prayers to save them at this point. They just need to grin and bear it ... and prepare for a long life together as parents. Happy Mother's Day, JL!!! [Source]