Monday, May 12, 2008

Survivor: How Did She Do That?!


I realize it will be incredibly hard for fans of Survivor who have yet to see the finale episode and still want to remain unspoiled about this season's winner to be unspoiled today ... so if you are one of those folks, you'll have to skip this next section and try to not look at the photos with the BIG PINK WRITING on them ;)

This season of Survivor brought the decision down to the final two contestants ... both female and both very good at outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the other contestants ... but in the end, there can only be one winner ... and that winner is:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Now, I have NO IDEA how Parvati Shallow ended up winning the $1 million bucks. When questioned by the jury at the end of the game, Parvati took a lot of heat from many of the jury members ... Amanda only got hated on by one player (Erik, the dumbest Survivor ever ... so it really didn't count) and almost got proposed to by another contestant (Ozzy, who spent most of his jury time spitting ire at Parvati and the rest of his jury time professing his love for Amanda) but in the end only won 3 jury votes. There was no explanation as to why Parvati won 5 votes, she just won them ... and the $1 million bucks. I was really pulling for Cirie at the start of last night's finale ep but I would've been happy if Amanda won -- to me she really deserved the win. BUT, Parvati was the one who convinced the jury and I suppose she deserves some props for that. OY! This was a good season ... thanks ladies :) [Source]