Friday, May 23, 2008

The Honeymoon Is Already Over

Newlyweds Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz returned to NYC last night after having spent only about 5 days on their Caribbean honeymoon after being wed at the Simpson family home in Encino, CA last Saturday. Pete told Ryan Seacrest that he and Ashlee would be honeymooning in the basement of their LA home, prolly to try and throw the paps off their trail ("We got some blow-up palm trees," Wentz told Seacrest. "A little fake-n-bake tanning booth. We're eating DiGiorno's pizza, getting in that tanning oven every once in a while — it's great. It's gonna look like we're on that private jet. We're gonna save that $30,000, you know?"). Here are a couple of the first pics of the married couple since they became husband and wife upon arrival at LaGuardia airport in New York last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

The couple look happy, tanned and relaxed but I'm surprised that they are back from their honeymoon so soon. I was expecting the newlyweds to remain on their honeymoon for at least a full week, maybe two. I suppose either one (or both) had to be back in the real world for work reasons and that is why they had to cut their honeymoon short. I've seen photos of the couple on their honeymoon and Ashlee was seen wearing a two-piece bikini which showed no signs of a baby bump ... after all, Pete himself says that the baby has NOT been confirmed by the couple:

"Ryan, this baby has not been confirmed," he insisted. "The only thing I'm confirming now is that we're in the basement on our honeymoon with these blow-up palm trees."

I'm convinced there is no baby, not yet. Maybe they made one on their secret Caribbean honeymoon but I do not believe that Ashlee has been pregs in the last few weeks. In any event, the Wentzs are back from their vacay so I suppose a Welcome Back! is in order. [Source]