Thursday, May 22, 2008

The TV Guide: Crackin' Skulls, Indy Delivers

Apologies for the smaller number of posts today but I'm due to be at LAX Airport shortly, bound for NYC, and I'll be out of commission for the rest of the day. Jim and I met up for a late dinner last night and then went to a midnight screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull so I'm still a bit wiped from lack of sleep. Things will be back to normal around here tomorrow morn :)

But before I go, I figured I'd post my thoughts on the new Indiana Jones flick for those of you interested in hearing what I thought of it. I am deffo of the mind that folks should see movies that they are interested in regardless of what others tell them ... fortunately for Indy, I'm happy to report that this movie will most likely satisfy all the diehard Indiana Jones fans out there who are hoping the movie is worth their money:

Let me get the negatives out of the way first. I kinda had a hard time dealing with the plotline once it was made clear what the Crystal Skull is and where it came from. I love that all of the Indiana Jones films have a moniker of the supernatural in them but the big bad in this movie is a hard pill to swallow ... for me at least. Think, Indiana Jones meets the X-Files. Yes, Indy is embroiled in an archeological adventure that takes him into the jungles of South America in search of treasure but it turns out the treasure is one left behind by aliens or "interdimensional beings". Um, yeah. If you can deal with that knowledge, then you will prolly love the whole movie. Indiana Jones spends a lot of time getting out of impossible situations (the refrigerator bit was so outrageous that I had to laugh out loud -- it's totally impossible and yet, so Indiana Jones). The movie is really silly (a lot sillier than I remember the other films were) but it hits all the right points that you'd expect from an Indiana Jones movie. The fight scenes are fun and the characters are very well-played. Cate Blanchett is a goddess ... her villainy in the film is remarkable. I loved every second she was on screen. Shia LaBeouf impressed me, yet again. The kid can act and will have a long and successful career, I'm sure of it. I like him in every movie I've seen ... he's deffo a star on the rise. Even tho it was a nice touch, I really could've done without Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood ... it seemed like she was just shoved in there for nostalgic purposes. If she had given more from her character she would've been a welcome addition ... I felt her performance was totally phoned in. Harrison Ford still has the chops to be Indiana Jones ... he might be a bit clunkier, but when he exposes his chest as he cracks that whip -- well, it's easy to see how he managed to snag a youngster like Callista Flockhart.

The movie is fun, no matter how cheesy some parts are. I think the ending is way too over-the-top but, in the end, it's really the sort of finale that one might expect from a summer blockbuster. I doubt it'll break any records but I'm sure it'll bring joy to a great many fans out there.

And so ... I'm off. See y'all on the East Side :)