Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Never Too Early To Start Planning A Coup

BFFs 4Ever Lauren LC Conrad and Lauren Lo Bosworth spent part of their weekend shopping at The Grove together just days before the extended third season of The Hills airs its finale episode on Monday May 12. Here are pics of the ladies hanging out at The Grove plotting discussing how things might go down on the just announced 4th season of The Hills:

Photo credit: Splash News

Miss Lo has only been on The Hills as a regular castmember in the extended portion of season 3 but she has already asserted enough control to move into the #2 position (squeezing Audrina out) on Team LC. It makes sense, LC and Lo go waaay back to the Laguna Beach days (and even before that) so they've got a bond that is very tough to crack. Now that LC and Lo are living together, there ain't no way anyone else is going to be able to infiltrate their new union. Lo has always been one of my favorite "characters" so I'm pleased to know that she'll be around for season 4 ... but first, we'll have to tune in tomorrow night to see how the drama from this season will wrap up. Will Audrina finally move out and away from LC now that Lo has stepped in to take her place? And if so, what does that mean for the upcoming season? Will Audrina entirely move over to Team Heidi? HMMMMM. I can't wait to find out. [Source]