Saturday, May 10, 2008

The TV Guide: The Sleep Over

Yesterday was a pretty chill day ... I was kinda wrecked from my late night before so I kinda took it easy. I did venture out for a haircut in the evening and then met up with Steph and Alek for a sushi dinner at Fat Fish in West Hollywood. The food was especially good, as was the drink, so we indulged. We had planned on meeting up with Darion and Josh at Akbar but the three of us kinda fell asleep instead. Steph and Alek were very kind enough to let me crash in their guest room so that was pretty much my night:

They were also kind enough to send in this photo.

The sun finally came out today so I'm trying to wrap things up so I can get out and enjoy it. The Frenchies were talking about seeing a movie so I may tag along later on. I'm not sure what the plan is for tonight but hopefully it'll be more exciting than last night ;)