Sunday, May 04, 2008

The TV Guide: Asian Persuasian

Yesterday was a really amazing NYC day for Darion, David and me. For the first part of the day, Darion and I spent a couple of hours at the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the © MURAKAMI exhibit which is on display until mid-June. I am a big fan of Murakami's work so I was very excited to get to see the show ... I was very surprised at how large the exhibit is. There were quite a few pieces that I had seen before in print but never in person along with a whole bunch of other pieces that I had never seen before. Darion managed to snap a few pics of the exhibit on the downlow ... check 'em out:

The pieces were just stunning ... I really respond to color like this and the high brow meets low art feel of the show was very impressive. I love the Louis Vuitton boutique in the middle of the exhibit, it's such a great play on art and consumerism. The show is really very spectacular, I really recommend that y'all see it if possible. As we made our way out of the museum, I got to meet Pink reader Erin who works with stylist Alexander Allen who is currently working with Murakami (I bet she loves her job).

After the museum, Darion and I met up with David at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the Cherry Blossom Festival ... here are a few pics from that fun excursion:

I *knew* the rain would hold off so that we could enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival and it did! David and I had one of our first dates together at the festival 2 years ago so it was really special that we were able to go back again. We had a blast, obvs, it was the perfect afternoon among all the flowers.

After the fest, we made our way to David's friend Kurt's apartment for a night of Gay Games. We played a couple rounds of Catchphrase and a raucous game of 90's Trivial Pursuit ... and managed to stay friends afterwards:

The afterparty was at The Cock, which is a very seedy, very dark, very grabby bar in the Lower East Side. As dirty as it was, it was really fun ... I was most taken with the accoutrements that were kept behind the bar:

Yeah. Fun.

This afternoon, Darion and I are seeing XANADU on Broadway!!!! Woot! It's sunny and 70 and I'm loving NYC :)