Sunday, May 04, 2008

You Cans Do It!

On Friday, I blogged about the new Banksy art exhibit, called the Cans Festival, that is showing this weekend in an abandoned tunnel in London, England and I mentioned that if any Pink readers in the UK happened to check out the exhibit then I would be happy to post some of their pics. Pink readers Hayley and Meredith heeded the call and sent in some amazing photos that they took at the exhibit. Apparently, attendees are encouraged to spray-paint their own mark on a portion of the exhibit space (ie. the tunnel wall) and Hayley left at Pink is the new Blog stencil tag on the wall for me ... and for that, I will love her always :) Here are a bunch of photos that both Hayley and Meredith sent in for sharing and Hayley's rundown of the exhibit:

Hayley writes: It took me a while to actually find the place due to not having had Googled directions the night before, but it was on a little street kinda hidden away, in an old Eurostar tunnel (?). I arrived at about 10:30 but it was still very packed and I had to wait around 2 0minutes to get in - there was a long, long line, barriers had to be put up for fear of overcrowding. There were families, couples, friends, people alone, everyone was there and it's only the first day. I spent about 2 hours inside, including the wee 15 minutes spray painting my stencils (I sent you a picture of the stencil I made as an 'homage' to you, as well as my little final results as your stencil went a bit smudged, sorry! It was meant to say 'Trent - PITNB'). The work inside was mixed with Banksy and the other artists so sometimes you couldn't tell who was the artists behind a certain piece. Nothing was off-limits like galleries where the only thing you can do is look, I saw people touching, taking pictures and even sitting on some of the pieces. The whole thing was free, but there were people selling little booklets or 'fanzines' as they were called and at the exit there were mini stalls selling Cans Festival posters or little souvenirs.

OMG ... these photos are amazing, I love that other graffiti artists besides Banksy were also on "display" at this exhibit. Much, much love goes out to both Hayley and Meredith for sending in their amazing photos ... and much love to all the other folks who also sent in photos from the exhibit. I really wish I could see this exhibit for myself but this almost makes up for seeing it in person. [thanks Hayley and Meredith]