Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Open For Business

Not to be outdone by Madonna, Sharon Stone gave the world a peek of her nether region (a la that infamous scene in her movie Basic Instinct) as she tried to disembark from a small motorboat that was delivering her to fashion designer Valentino's yacht in Cannes, France today:

Photo credit: X17
Click above to see larger, NSFW image

Now, I'm not exactly sure what can be seen in the larger, NSFW image but I do know that it's something I could prolly go a lifetime without ever having to see again. It's unclear if she's wearing something down there or if that's just the way she looks ... down there ... but in either case, it's not a very pretty picture. You'd think that Sharon Stone would be more careful when getting out of a boat while wearing a dress ... for all our sakes. [Source]