Saturday, May 31, 2008

The TV Guide: Strangers, Interrupted

Yesterday was kinda chill ... I had made plans to hang out with Jim since we haven't been able to do so in a while with all of his "working" and luckily his hubby Derek was able to hang out as well. We had grand plans for dinner and a movie so we met up at Pink Taco to get our margarita on and stuff our faces. We planned on seeing the 10pm showing of The Strangers at Century City but the damn thing sold out on us. So, we hauled ass to the Arc Light in Sherman Oaks only to discover it was sold out there as well. By that time, we were pretty much over it ...

... but, Jim and I are going to see the damn movie this afternoon in Burbank so all's not lost.

Tonight, Darion's Birthday celebration, part deux, takes place in WeHo. There will be more dranking and lots of dancing at Cherry Pop so it shall be fun ... expect fun pics. I hope all y'all's weekends are coming along nicely ... it's warm and sunny here in SoCal -- Woot!!