Saturday, May 31, 2008

LaToya Jackson's First Birthday Party ... Ever

LaToya Jackson, who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, grew up never allowed to celebrate holidays (like Xmas) and milestone events (like birthdays), made her way to Las Vegas, NV this week to enjoy her very first birthday party ever at Privé nightclub with her brother Jackie and friend RuPaul. Here are pics of an ecstatic (and perhaps tipsy) LaToya on the Privé red carpet last night as she made her way into her birthday party:

Photo credit: Splash News

And here are a couple photos of LaToya with her brother, Ru and the first birthday cake she's ever had ... like, ever:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The way I understand it, Toy arrived just before midnight, posing for pictures with fans as she made her way inside. At just about 1:30 AM Privé presented her with her first birthday cake ever, a lemon and cream creation topped with sparklers. It was at that point that Latoya jumped up on the couch with her glass of Yellow Label Veuve Clicquot and got her groove on in celebration ... and then the party wrapped after 2 AM -- short and sweet. You know, LaToya has to be one of my fave Jacksons -- she's right up there with Janet for me. I've always commended her for finding the strength to break away from her father's tight, controlling (and abusive) grip ... even if it made her a Jackson outcast for so many years. I really wish more people could hear her music because her stuff is really quite good. If you take some of Janet's sexiness and mix it up with a bit of Michael's craziness (and don't forget the family nose) and you've got LaToya Jackson, bitches! Happy Birthday, Toy ... I hope your first birthday party was all you dreamed it would be.