Monday, May 19, 2008

Warp Speed ... To The Altar

While there is only speculation that Justin Timberlake may be ready to get married to Jessica Biel, there is no question that Star Trek star George Takei is absolutely planning to be wed as soon as he can. Takei announced on his official website that now that the California Supreme Court has overturned the State's ban on same-sex marriage, he plans to get married to his longtime partner Brad Altman as soon as humanly possible:

Our California dream is reality. Brad Altman and I can now marry. We are overjoyed! At long last, the barrier to full marriage rights for same-sex couples has been torn down. We are equal with all citizens of our state! The California Supreme Court has ruled that all Californians have a fundamental right to marry the person he or she loves. Brad and I have shared our lives together for over 21 years. We've worked in partnership; he manages the business side of my career and I do the performing. We've traveled the world together from Europe to Asia to Australia. We've shared the good times as well as struggled through the bad. He helped me care for my ailing mother who lived with us for the last years of her life. He is my love and I can't imagine life without him. Now, we can have the dignity, as well as all the responsibilities, of marriage. We embrace it all heartily. The California Supreme Court further ruled that our Constitution provides for equal protection for all and that it cannot have marriage for one group and another form -- domestic partnership -- for another group. No more "separate but equal." No more second-class citizenship. Brad and I are going to be married as full citizens of our state ... Brad and I are enjoying the delicious dilemma of deciding where, when, and how we will be married. Marriage equality took a long time, but, like fine wine, its bouquet is simply exquisite.

OMG, I love it. The California Supreme Court's ruling is so monumental ... anything seems possible now. This year, this country looks likely is going to elect the first President of the United States that is NOT a while man ... and if you add the importance of abolishing second-class citizenry when it comes to marriage ... well, the world seems like a very exciting place right now. You can feel the joy in George Takei's post and I couldn't be more happy for him and Brad Altman. I wish them many, many happy years together as a happily married couple. Much love and congrats!! [Source]