Saturday, June 07, 2008

Kentucky Bound

Larry Birkhead has revealed to People magazine that he is planning to move his very rich daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith Stern Birkhead to the quite environs of Kentucky so that she can grow up in a nice little 10,000-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house as opposed to the manse they are living in here in SoCal. But, before the family moves, Larry got in a bit of shopping in the trendy shops while he still could. Here are pics of Larry picking up a few things at Kitson Kids ... and lookin' spiffy on his eco-friendly moped:

Photo credit: Splash News

Larry Birkhead has purchased a 10,000-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house in his hometown of Louisville, Ky., for himself and 21-month-old daughter Dannielynn, he tells PEOPLE. Birkhead, 35, says the house, which has 40-ft. ceilings and is modeled after a Sicilian church, was never completed, needs a lot of work, and right now "looks like a haunted house," but he loves it. "When I walked in, I said to myself, 'This is our home!'" says Birkhead. He adds he might sell the Los Angeles house where he's sometimes haunted by memories of its former occupants – Dannielynn's mother, Anna Nicole Smith, and half-brother Daniel, who both died from drug-related complications. "At first, I couldn't imagine parting with it," says Birkhead. "Then I realized I was probably holding on to it for the wrong reasons, thinking to myself that would ease the pain of losing Anna and Daniel. I have always thought that it would be great for Dannielynn to grow up in her mother's home; however, there is no yard as it is over a canyon." He adds: "There also isn't any little friends for her to run around with – which makes the idea of Kentucky even more inviting."

See, I get that Larry prolly really likes to spend Dannilynn's money but couldn't he have at least bought a helmet that wasn't 5 sizes too big for his little head? While I question their need for such an extravagant sounding home, I think it is a good idea for Larry to move Dannilynn to Kentucky where she has a fighting chance of growing up normal. She already has about 14 strikes against her, it'd be nice to have her grow up in a nice and quiet part of the country, out of the public spotlight. If any good can come from the tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith's life it should be Dannielynn's normal childhood ... let's hope that Larry Birkhead can follow thru and give her one. [Source]