Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Prince Of Wails ... And Hysterical Cheers

Prince Harry inspired raucous cheers on his visit to Cardiff earlier today, delighting the droves of admirers (mostly female) who came out and filled the streets to try and catch a glimpse of His Royal Hotness. Here is a pic of Harry holding a baby named Lexi which brings to mind the famous photos of his late mother Princess Diana who used to love holding babies as she traveled the world:

It was a reception fit for a pop idol -- and Prince Harry did his best to provide entertainment for the crowds. Hundreds of hysterical girls strained against crash barriers and burst into tears at the sight of him yesterday. Visiting Cardiff on only his second full day of solo official engagements, the 23-year- old prince looked taken aback as he stepped from his official car to hear his name being screamed. But he gamely waded in, posing for mobile phone photographs, shaking hands, holding a baby and even giving a couple of star-struck teenagers a quick hug. As he chatted with flag-waving schoolchildren at Cathays High School, 12-year-old Hollie White burst into tears. "I was just so excited to see him ... I want to see the Queen and Simon Cowell next," she sobbed. Harry told fellow redhead Matthew Taylor, 12: "Hey, gingers love gingers." The prince visited the school because it is twinned with Molapo High in Lesotho, the poverty-stricken African kingdom he supports through his charity, Sentebale. Afterwards he was driven to the University Hospital of Wales to meet workers from a Lesotho-linked charity of which he is patron. Here the scenes were equally enthusiastic and while he has never shown any intention of settling down before, the party-loving prince looked decidedly paternal as he took a walkabout. After being handed five-month-old Lexi Hailstone, who suffers from a rare chromosomal disorder and has battled meningitis, he cooed: "Isn't she sweet", before cheekily holding her up to the photographers and joking: "It's not mine!". Lexi's mother Natasha Martin, 19, said: "He was really lovely, very down to earth. He said, 'Do you want me to hold her?' He looked like he didn't want to give her back." ... Last night, the prince gave his first public speech to an event at the Millennium Stadium, joking as he took the stage: "I paid the kids to scream." Although he has carried out occasional public engagements, Harry's last full day of visits took place around his 18th birthday in September 2002, when he met young offenders and went to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Yeah, Harry is a rock star. Prince Wills may be the next in line to the throne of England (after their father Prince Charles) but Harry seems to be the king of the British people's hearts ... especially the portion of the British population that is female and aged 8-25. This image of Harry is nice and all but I think I much prefer the party pics of Harry cutting loose -- those pics always seem to be very entertaining. [Source]