Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The TV Guide: We Have A Winner!

Whew! There is a lot going on right about now as we move into the final week before relaunch. The amazing designer who is working on the site is carefully tweaking and fixing all the things that I keep throwing at her ... which is keeping me from freaking out. I, of course, want everything to turn out perfectly but I will be ecstatic if things just turn out smoothly.

Yesterday, I selected the winner of the Pink is the new Blog Relaunch Party contest and gave her a congratulatory call last night. Jamalia David is a medical student at Texas A&M who will be taking some major exams this weekend and then will be starting her third year of medical school shortly thereafter -- but in between, Nestea and Nikon COOLPIX will be flying her out for an all expenses paid trip to LA to come party with me and my friends on June 11th. I am so happy that she won and I can't wait to meet her and introduce her to all my peeps. More info of Jamalia will be posted at PinkVIPBlogger.com ... which you may want to bookmark, that is where Jamalia will be posting her blog and photos from the party next week :)

As much as I don't have much time to breathe these days, I made a commitment to my boys Michael, Steph and Alek that we would go to Disneyland today ... so instead of cancelling on them, I'm gonna cut out soon to make our date. I really need a break from all the stress goin' on ... I'll be very happy once the site gets relaunched next week and things can get back to normal.