Tuesday, June 01, 2004


yah! i have some stuff to get done before i split from work. the quop brigade has a kickball scrimmage tonight ... i hope i do well ... i'll let you know how it goes :)

king me

Britain's Prince William Hints at Military Career

"A career in the armed services would be the best thing at the moment because it would be lovely to recognize all the hard work that the armed forces are doing," the prince told reporters during a photocall at his father the Prince of Wales' farm in Gloucestershire.

oh whatEVER ... grooming to be the king much? i doubt he'll do any real military service ... but man, he is SO going to be king! poor harry ... (and i don't mean potter)

me so sorry

China Places Conditions on Britney Tour

China to Britney: Come perform but leave the revealing outfits at home.

Britney Spears ' first China tour has been approved by the Culture Ministry, but they want to know what she's wearing before she hits the stage, the official China News Service reported Tuesday.

wow ... well, it makes sense ... but can't people just leave the britters alone?

sizing up the controversy

oh, look who changed their minds ...

MTV Opts for "Super Size"

The music network pulled an about-face Friday after reportedly refusing to run an ad for the documentary Super Size Me over Memorial Day weekend for fear of offending its fast-food advertisers ... According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the net plans to run the unedited spot starting tonight and blamed a "junior-level employee" for the mix-up.

good for MTV! i'm glad they wised up ...

engendering the intertexuality of the postmodern slayer (or, will this be graded on a curve?)

Taking vampire-slaying seriously

NASHVILLE—They didn't come to Nashville for the tunes, although the Friday-night singalong of "Once More With Feeling" might, with some generosity, be described as music.

The 300-plus academics, scholars and students attending the Slayage Conference on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (SCBtVS) in Tennessee this past weekend came to present and listen to some 190 papers on Buffy and Angel, the television shows that comprise creator Joss Whedon's "Buffyverse."

this is a dream come true ... naysayers can kiss my cute ass! buffy is a very smart tv program ... erik is falling in love with it with every episode ... and that boy is smart. wee ... i wish i could write my master's thesis on buffyness ... shit, maybe i will!

jolly green

'Shrek 2' wrecks all challengers

LOS ANGELES -- The end of the world ran a close second to a cartoon ogre at the U.S. Memorial Day weekend box office.

Shrek 2 retained the top spot with $92.2 million US over the long weekend, fending off the global-catastrophe tale The Day After Tomorrow, which debuted with $86 million, according to studio estimates Monday.

both are great films ... i enjoyed both thoroughly :)

last "week"

man ... am i geeked about the end of the school year or WHAT! WOO!

this week (well, tues. to thurs.) is exam week ... i only need to be at the school for a couple hours each day ... it's awesome! first let me show you the picture we took last friday

and here is me in the picture

i'm waving both of my hands :)

wee ... click HERE for a larger image