Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Alex P. Keaton would be pissed!

you are never going to guess which former star of Family Ties was arrested for drunk driving! and, get this, it wasn't even the first arrest for drunk driving!!

... your first guess is wrong, it wasn't tina yothers

so exactly how happy were they?

Lisa Loeb CD Reflects Split

Loeb's fourth album, The Way It Really Is, is due August 10th, and it plays a bit like a novella of a decaying romance. "We just ended a six-year relationship, and it was time to move forward to the next stages," she says. "My past albums are a similar deal: very prophetic, and I don't even know it when it's happening."

hmmm ... she's been writing songs titled "Window Shopping," "Will You Wander," and "Probably" thruout their entire relationship? yikes! well i guess it was time to let everyone know "The Way It Really Is".


one more thing ... since i've not been drinking pop or anything with caffeine in it i now have a new favorite drink

try it! if you're weary, start off with Multi-V which is lemonade flavored ... it's goood ... and good for you!

shit, now i'm doing public service announcements! sheesh!

i actually clipped coupons

today i'm being domestic goddess ... with my free afternoon i need to go to the grocery store for some stuff ... i also need to run to target for other stuff ... la di da ...

i'm hoping to keep tonight a quiet night ... one that doesn't involve picking tiny rocks out of my flesh ... i'm not making any promises but ...

Mr. Moz?

okay ... so i get some news from michael t. ... rumors have been flying that Morrissey has gone from "asexual" status to "homosexual" status since the buzz about him having a boyfriend started to emerge. but while we were really excited that this was his rumored boyfriend

it seems that it is NOT his boyfriend but his drummer Deano (who apparently has a girlfriend ... rats!). BUT, he can't hide his boyfriend forever ... more news as it develops.

... truuuuue sto-reeyyy!

Scott Wolf Weds "Real World" Star

Scott Wolf made it a party of two this weekend when he wed former Real World cast member Kelley Limp, his rep confirmed Tuesday.

how weird is this ... i knew they were dating (kelley is still really good friends with danny from rw: new orleans) but i never thought it'd last ... good for them i suppose :)

Moore stuff to be happy about!

Michael Moore film gets U.S. release

LOS ANGELES -- Michael Moore's award-winning documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" has picked up a U.S. distributor and will hit theaters June 25.

yes yes yes ... this movie will be awesome ... i can't wait to see it ...

are the Bad Boys back?

Pistons Finish Off the Pacers

In what passes for high-caliber Eastern Conference playoff basketball these days — in a game that, hard to believe, matched the conference's top two teams — the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers thrashed about for nearly three hours Tuesday night in the Palace of Auburn Hills, littering the court with bricks.

whoo hoo! who knew they'd get this far? if we win the national championship that would rock ... it's been a looooong time since they've made it this far ...

go pistons!

the agony & the ecstasy

so yesterday i was wearing one of the cool-ass shirts i've recently acquired ... hee hee i love it

i have other shirts to share with you ... in time ...

but let me tell you about KICKBALL last night. we had a scrimmage against another team ... i wasn't too excited about playing but only cuz i was scared ... i just don't want to do anything that would either make me look foolish or be detrimental to the team. whatever, i shouldn't have been worried cuz the other team was pretty rag-tag. their entire team didn't show up so we had to split up everyone into 2 teams so that we could play. first the agony: while running (from psycho shocker steve, our team's coach!) to third base i managed to wipe out and eat dirt ... here's the damage

doesn't look too bad in the picture (and they look all scabby today) ... it hurt like hell ... cleaning ground dirt out of your knee is NOT fun ... but i was kinda proud that i walked away with my first battle scars ... hopefully they'll be that last ... i somehow doubt it tho ...

now the ecstasy: the same psycho shocker steve (team's coach) kicked a flyball about 85 feet into the air and it was headed right for me ... i exclaimed "oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god!" and managed to catch the ball and get him OUT. it was pretty cool ... and i have one person to thank for that stunning catch

all in all it was a fun night and i'm glad i went ... tho the excruciating shower afterwards was NOT FUN ...

we spent the rest of the night on the couch ... not moving ... but watching buffy :)