Friday, June 04, 2004

followed the waves

tonight 89X is sponsoring a free show at the magic stick by Melissa Auf Der Maur

wee!! i love her! we are heading downtown now ... we don't anticipate that there will be tons of people there but we don't want to get shut out. hopefully i'll have pix and autographs to share later on ...

... and you'll get to see my haircut! i love it!

home is where the ugly polyester band uniform is

i went home for and had lunch with my parents. because i was pressed for time (haircut appointment at 3) we decided to go to local neighborhood crapplebee's. much to my horror i found that they have my old band uniform hanging on the wall

mind you it's not my actual band uniform but one like the one i wore ... hideous isn't it?

oi ... this is why i hate frequenting local establishments in my home town of taylor-tucky.

it's what he was thinking

"You are a dickweed."

hallelujah! there is a god!!

Creed Guitarist Says Band Broke Up Months Ago

whoo! this is great news (well, for music fans not the band themselves) ... now we don't have to worry about hearing a new creed song on the radio anymore!

apparently, scott stap is busy with new ventures which include " ... a clothing line called Screamline and forays into acting." these new endeavors are sure to squash any chance of his being in the limelight anymore.

well thank you jesus for taking your #1 rock disciple into thy bosom ... and away from ye land of MTV, VH1 and Radio.

aw rats!

darnit! it seems that the rumors that david hasslehoff was making a rap album aren't true.

i was really hoping the rumors were true! i guess we're not going to get to hear davizzle hassle to the hoff spit some phat rhymes any time soon :(