Tuesday, June 08, 2004

we could'a had 2

boo ... the pistons lost the second game in the finals to the lakers in overtime. but man, we had 10 secs. left on the clock in the 4th quarter and were up by 3 damn points! if we had just fouled somebody they would have taken 2 free throws and even if they got both we could'a milked the clock until we won ... but f-ing nooooooooooooooo ... we let kobe bryant shoot a 3 pointer ... he tied it up, sent it to overtime and then steamrolled us to an 8 pt. loss ...

boo ...

ah well ... the next few games will be at home in detroit ... we'll see what happens.

pompous & circumstantial

ack ... tonight was ULS' 125th graduation in its entire history. it was my 5th at the school. the teachers must dress up in caps & gowns and we wear the school colors of the last university we got a degree from (ie. i don't wear OU colors, i wear U of M colors)

erik (the librarian and my best friend at work) wears different garb because he has his PhD. don't we look quite the dorks?

blah ... commencement this year was such a bore ... and it was hot as all hell! it was about 90 degrees in the shade and we weren't very shaded. shirts and ties underneath polyester caps and gowns conspire to make a very uncomfortable evening.

it was so hot a kid passed out while he was playing the trumpet during one of the musical interludes!

but whatever, it's over ... over over over ... tomorrow i have 2 stupid meetings and then we get on a plane ... NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN ... well that's not true but ... we gonna party like it's 1999.

venus envy

this is kinda cool ... venus crossed the sun today to very spectacular results

i read a really cool article that fully explains what path venus took today ... when it did it last and when it will do it again ...

see, science is cool!

this is why Detroit is cooler than LA

Detroit culture rubs off on L.A.

... Detroit also has had an impact on Los Angeles culture — though few Angelenos would admit it. From transportation to music to sports, there’s plenty of Motown flavor in the City of Angels.

booya! trendy hipster assholes are born in Detroit ... they just go to LA to die.

hands on a hard one

garbage have revamped their website and have announced the working title of their next album and a tentative tracklist:

Hands On A Hard Body

Be my Bad Boyfriend
Why don't you come over
It's all over but the Crying
Sex is not the Enemy
Hanging with the Bitches
Why don't you love Me
Calling All Girls
Bleed Like Me
Right Between the Eyes
Space Can come Through Anyone
Nobody Can Win

ms. manson is dueting with marilyn manson on one of the songs

it looks like they've been shopping together too.

this is why LA is cooler than Detroit

Hysteria at Scissor Sisters' LA show

Several hundred fans turned up before the doors even opened to see the Sisters, who played second on a bill of four acts, but were clearly the main draw of the night.

blah ... there were like 15 people at the detroit show ...

happAY birthdAY

sarah kindly reminded me to wish adriana a very happy birthday today!

she's a beautiful 8 years old (again)! i hope she gets her birthday wish and gets that unicorn she's always dreamed of :)

many x's and o's to the fair princess adriana!

last day of school yo!

weee ... today is also the last day of the school year! today is the last day that i will have to dress up and/or wear a tie for a very long time (the only thing i can think of where i'll have to dress up next is steve and stephanie's wedding ... which, by the way, we got our invitation to just yesterday).

la la lee lee ... we just completed our last homeroom of the year ... then we have to sit thru a boring ass awards ceremony ... then we rehearse for commencement tonight ... then we eat ... then we're done!


8 months yo!

today is erik's and my 8th month anniversary ...

it's a big mind-boggling to consider that just over 8 months ago i never even knew erik (or the artist formerly known as, but still is, the coolest guy in the world) existed. i thought i was happy ... i thought i was complete ... but it wasn't until i met him that my life really started. i think back on our first date and how magical it was. we were both so nervous at first but we soon warmed up and got along as if we had known each other our whole lives ... maybe we did and we just didn't know it at the time ... who knows?

as i sit and type this in the house we share together, just 8 months later, i find myself profoundly lucky to have him in my life. i cannot imagine my life without him ... it can't be done.

here's to 8 TRILLION more months together :)