Thursday, June 10, 2004

Day 1: We shopped til we dropped

okay so today we shopped and shopped and shopped. we started the day with breakfast/lunch at roscoe's chicken and waffles.

after that deliciousness we went to amoeba music to do some insane-o shopping. i almost bought like 10 million cds but weeded it down to only 5. i got a melissa auf der maur single, loretta lynn's new cd and others.

we walked to roscoe's and amoeba and passed this cool painting on the way home.

after that we decided that we needed to do more cd shopping so we went to the virgin megastore where i got some tori, dannii and the ash singles collection.

from there we went to the beverly center for, you guessed it, more shopping. erik wanted to get some diesel jeans so that's why we went to the mall. he didn't get the jeans he wanted but jeff and i found some great deals at bloomingdale's :)

our shopping jaunt was done (for today) and we met up with adriana for some amazing vietnamese food. we had a fab dinner at the pho cafe. absolutely amazing food ... we loved it! adriana wanted to take some "weird" pix in their bathroom so that's what we did

after dinner adriana took us to her home ... showed us her awesome place ... there apparently was something on the floor in her bathroom ... her roommate wilia turned it into art and adriana and erik took a photo.

we spent the evening at tiger heat getting our freak on ... there were male dancers and videos and lots of fun music

it was fun (even tho we didn't show up in any of the crowd pix that have been posted on the tiger heat website for the night we were there).

and that was our night ... i can't forget to mention, tho, that the detroit pistons beat the SHIT out of the los angeles lakers ... hee hee, no one was talking about in LA ... but we were happy ... 20 pts! we rock!


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it's a shame about ray

boo ... we just got back from eating and shopping (and taking some pictures on hollywood blvd.) and find out that ray charles has died :(

Music Icon Ray Charles Dies in California at Age 73

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Ray Charles, who overcame childhood poverty, blindness and heroin addiction to help create soul music and become one of America's most beloved singers, died on Thursday at the age of 73 after a long fight with liver disease, his spokesman said ... Charles died at 11:35 a.m. PDT (2:35 p.m. EDT) at his Beverly Hills home, the singer's longtime publicist Jerry Digney said. Family members and co-workers of the legendary entertainer were with him when he died.

he will be missed :(

oh no! britKNEE!

so i wake up today and jeff says to me britney broke her knee! ahhhh!!

NEW YORK (AP) - Pop princess Britney Spears injured her knee during a video shoot and was hospitalized for arthroscopic surgery, her record label said Wednesday.

i hope she gets better ... but i'm off to eat and shop so ...


yay we're here!

boo ... it was a long flight tho ... we were delayed on our layover in phoenix so it took a little longer than ususal to get here but we got here ...

erik made a friend on the airplane ... he was an angry republican and kept swearing at erik about how much GWB sucks ... yeah, whatever ...

when we arrived jeff picked us up and took us to ACK BAR for some beers ...

we were so tired from all the traveling that that was it ... we came home and went to bed ...

and today is our first day ... the plan is to have breakfast at roscoe's chicken & waffles and then do some cd shopping at amoeba and virgin!