Saturday, June 12, 2004

Day 3: Art Attack

today was the day that we got to hang out with erik's actress friend olivia! she met us for lunch at a cafe in the hollywood hills. then we went up to take pictures with the hollywood sign

then my FAVORITE part of the trip. we drove to sunnydale highschool! actually it's torrance high school but it was the same school that they used for sunnydale high in buffy the vampire slayer (it was also west beverly high in beverly hills 90210).

omg ... we had so much fun ... it was amazing being there ... i took TONS more pictures that you can see HERE (using the same username: trentsblog and password: trentsblog).

after that funness ... we went home to change and meet up with adriana and brian for dinner before his big art show opening. we had dinner at an amazing thai restaurant called saladang ... then it was off to the art show!

how much fun was the art show ... there was very interesting pieces ... we had a blast. i had to pose infront of one piece cuz it looked so 80's.

there was an exhibit that had people buzzing ... it was about male buttholes ... yeah it was a gyp! so adriana decided to draw her own "butthole" and i took this pic

whew! we were at the show for like 3 hours ... then we headed off to the derby to see jeff's friend's band play a show ... we were beat tired. we prolly slept thru 60% of the show ...

needless to say we didn't make it to the drag strip and went home to sleep instead.


for more pictures from today visit THIS SITE and enjoy! if you are asked to login use these credentials

username: trentsblog
password: trentsblog

dirrrty pop!

there is a lot to talk about but i'll have to do major updates when i get back home.

yesterday was so fun ... lots of cool shopping, lots of awesome sun ... we danced all night long at popstarz to the tunes of britney, j.lo (say what you will about the crazy beyotch, let's get loud is f-ing awesome to dance to!), justin ... the usual. tiger heat was awesome in that they played old skool britney, dannii minogue, the sugababes, etc.

today we are doing sight seeing stuff ... we plan to hit britney's & paula's stars on the hollywood walk of fame, the necessary pic by the hollywood sign and we're going to visit sunnydale high school!

tonight we're going to brian's (adriana's boyfriend) art show opening, then to a concert by jeff's friend's band, the misprintz, and then to something called the drag strip!

should be fun!

we're talking lots of pix ... and they'll come soon ...