Sunday, June 13, 2004

Day 4: Wrapping it all up

today was our last full day ... we had some things to do before the trip was over so we went down to the hollywood walk of fame so that i could take a picture with britney spears' star

and i also took my requisite picture with paula abdul's star (as i have each and every trip i take to LA).

right across the street at the el capitan theatre they were having the premiere of the movie around the world in 80 days ... there were TONS of people out in the hot ass sun waiting for stars to show up ... it was very hollywood.

anyways ... we met up with adriana and brian for lunch at a restaurant called home. it was RIDICULOUS! soooo good ... i had a carmelized apple salad with an insanely large bottle of evian ... god, it was good.

then we did some shopping at wacko (sadly, i didn't get anything except for a stick of drama queen lip balm) but erik and i took this cool picture in front of the store.

then we went to adriana's again. we were finally going to take pictures on her famous couch ... she has the coolest couch i've ever seen. she photographs her friends on the couch and the pictures always look amazing! we are going to print out and frame a few of them for our house ... here are a few of the pix

you can see the rest of the series HERE (using the login username: trentsblog password: trentsblog). we also took some pix on her rug ... we had so much fun ...

then it was DINNER TIME! we rounded up as many people as we could for dinner at the abbey (hi, usually on my trips to LA we are at the abbey for multiple nights ... this was our first and only visit on this trip). there was hijinx with our waiter guillermo and random people who stopped to talk ... it was soooo fun! our $210 bill can prove it! we posed for a pic

and then i suddenly remembered that the pistons were playing the lakers again ... i used my cell phone to surf the web and found out that WE WON AGAIN!!!!

we were totally psyched ... we kept yelling de-troit ... no one cared ... it was AMAZINGLY FUN!

and that was pretty much our last night in LA ...


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