Wednesday, June 16, 2004

i swear to god ...

... Saved! is a great movie!

erik and i just got back from the theater and it was great. totally predictable but hilarious ... ah the blasphemy ... it was divine. mandy moore played such an evil bitch! i wanted to slap the shit out of her ... she was awesome. heather matarazzo played the same character she always plays ... but was good nonetheless. the rest of the cast were good too ... lots of funny lines ... the movie was blatantly honest about the hypocrisy of xtianity.

check it out ... it's a hot flick.

before the movie we saw the trailer (again) for the movie napoleon dynamite ... all it really did is make me want to watch welcome to the dollhouse again.

the inner or deep part of an animal or plant structure

björk has announced the name of her new entirely vocal-laden album telling rollingstone:

"Instruments are so over"

ahhh ... she is about to work her elfin magick on us all again ...

can't wait :)

cuz i'm all about the blog lately

Meet Joe Blog

another article about the insurgence of the blog ... it's old news to me ... but a nice read for you?

it's good to be a champion

it's a cool morning in the motor city ... calm and cool ... and to the best of my knowledge nothing was burned down last night in celebration of the piston's victory over the los angeles lakers.

i was reading an article that talked more about why the lakers lost ... but it's a good read nonetheless ... props are paid to the awesome pistons, and rightly so.

erik and i were noting that the lakers were just a bunch of overpaid "stars" while the pistons are made up of regular "no-name" players ... i love our team.

hee hee, we watched the game last night ... well, kinda. erik had this theory that we jinxed the pistons by watching the game that they lost. we didn't watch the following 2 games (while in LA) and he was weary of watching last night's game. even when i would flip to the game (in the 4th quarter when we were up by 27) he would say "whatever, they could still lose." even as we were ahead by 18 with like 30 secs. to go he was fearful that something might "go wrong" and we'd end up losing ... hee hee, i love him :)

so here's to detroit rock city ... or hoopstown we're called now ... i like it ...

i think i shall pay a visit to the spirit of detroit later on today to snap a picture ...