Sunday, June 27, 2004

"All's Right With The World ...

... Everything is in sync
Everything is all right
Friends are friends again
Everyone is in the pink
Everything is all right

I feel great again
Feel first rate again
I'm with the people I love
Moonbeams are dancin' above"

-- Jem and the Holograms

erik and i spent the morning sorting stuff out. we're complicated ... but in love.

the rest of the day was fun ... and bizzy ... we went around taking more pictures for the detroit project (check out the updated album, there are new photos there now), had an enjoyable sushi meal and then picked up some stuff for the house. we put up 2 shelves in the living room and hung up a series of the pictures that adriana took of us in LA. the house is looking so amazing ... we still have a few tiny projects that we want to get done sooner than later (the photo collage/mural for the living room is next, then the painting of the outside doors).

we baked cookies and ate ice cream ... and are about to go to bed. i've not slept well in a couple of nights so i'm looking forward to a good night's sleep with the coolest guy in the world.

national HIV testing day

as Pride celebrations span the country, let's not forget that it's not all about fun and games ... get tested, live to celebrate many, many, many more Pride weekends to come!

National HIV Testing Resources's Health & HIV page