Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the goss of the day


(New York, June 29, 2004) - Star magazine reveals that Mary-Kate Olsen- who along with twin sister Ashley, form a multi-millionaire power duo-is being treated for a cocaine addiction in an exclusive facility in Utah.

this was the story of the day (and probably of the summer) ... i would'a posted sooner but i had to be at stupid work ...

but anyways, i can totally believe that mary-kate is battling a drug addiction. ever since i found out the truth about leann rimes i can completely believe that everyone in hollywood does drugs ... when you're a half billionaire (with your twin sister) it must be mighty easy to score whatever you want, whenever you want. it seems logical to come out and say she's getting treatment for an eating disorder because that would illicit more sympathy than seeking treatment for a drug addiction.

in any regard, i hope she gets better.

and i hope someone steps up and forces an intervention for ms. britney (hello, jamie lynn, ya hear girl?) and get her ass to a drug treatment facility ... it's the only explanation for her engagement to monsieur white-trash.

hello people! just say no!

senses tingling

blaurgh ... my alarm started screeching at 9:09am ... today i had an appointment to come into work for a couple of hours. we are in the process of scheduling a server migration for the beginning of the next school year and there is a lot of stupid crap that needs to be done before we even get going with the main work. so i've scheduled some dates thruout the summer to get little things done one at a time. it's not so bad ... it was cool to get shit done ... i feel accomplished and everthing!

last night's concert was soooo fun! i love seeing shows at the shelter ... even tho it gets hotter than hades down there, the fact that it's small and all cameras are allowed more than makes up for the heat. anyways, as i said, jem was very cool. the only complaint i had was with the sound (too much bass) but other than that it was a fun night. mark got me a pabst tall boy and a shot of whiskey so we were all set to rock out.

tonight at 12:01am (which is, technically, tomorrow) mark and i are going to see spider-man 2

i've tried to stay away from all reviews, all spoilers, all commercials/trailers (that i haven't already seen) because this movie is supposed to be better than the first one (which was an amazing movie) and is even being hyped as the best superhero movie of all time! i don't know about all that ... but i'm sure it's gonna kick ass!! i'm so excited :)

my work is done and i need to hang out with erik this evening but before i go home, i'm going to swing on over to best buy to get a new dvd set that was released today

weee! wonder woman was my first love ... i wanted to marry her ... i think i realize now that those feelings probably stemmed from the secret desire to borrow her fucking awesome red boots and golden tiara ...