Saturday, July 03, 2004

bang! you're dead!!

today was a much better day. brandon came over at around noon to spend the weekend with us. he is so much fun to hang around with so i was really excited that he could come over. the plan for today was to go to over to mike's for a b-b-q.

he had a nice group of people show up (among the attendees, the beautiful VLB sarah, the saucy megan and the terribly insane-o tracey)

hi, and if you've ever tasted his cooking, you would've been there too! he is such an amazing cook ... we sampled some of it at his oscar party earlier this year ... mmmmmm! anyways, the b-b-q was a smashing success, much better than the other stupid b-b-q we went to a few weeks ago.

it was nice to see megan having such a good time (methinks due in large part to the charming younger flager boy)

and i was having a great time (due in large part to the elder flager boy)

it was totally fun ... we ate and drank (lots of PBRs and mudslides ... oh lord, mike makes a wicked mudslide)

then it was time to bang!

when we got arrived, there was *no body* there ... when we walked in they started playing twist & shout so meg, sarah, tracey and i hit the dancefloor and took control. it was pretty dead for a while but it did get a little more crowded at around midnight. can't complain tho, there was just the right number of people in attendance all night long (it's usually very crowded which makes dancing very difficult). i was a little worried that we'd run into xmas tree (aka dipshit steve in sequins) and we did but he was way toned down this time (tho he was wearing a sparkly necklace that read skank). fortunately he didn't attempt to communicate with any of us this time, but he did make it a point to stare at us most of the night ... what a loser.

but the bang! was so much fun!!! they played lots of great songs and we danced like mofos ... hello, they played britney spears' toxic which sequed into andrew wk's party hard ... i about passed the fuck out i was flailing about so much ... so. much. fun.

we totally stayed til close and then had the long trek back ... ugh ... we had a blast tho ... yehaw! tomorrow we celebrate our independance ... goddess bless america.

PS: thank you for the great messages of support that many of you sent me concerning my last post and how i was feeling. i love you guys :) it seems that erik does read the journal so he got clued into how i was feeling. we're looking forward to a lot of US time really soon ... it shall be devine ... i can't wait :)