Saturday, July 10, 2004

We Rule; 50%

I just have time for a quick update. We slept in late and then just got finished napping. Needless to say, it was a long night.

First up, kickball: We won the first game pretty handily but lost the second game pretty shamefully. Basically, we couldn't keep our heads in the second game and let it get away from us. It sucked! I'd have rathered we lost the first game and won the second but what are ya gonna do?

A few of us still met up for drinks after the game. Matt, Ame and Stephanie bought me shots for my "21st birthday" (Erik announced to the team that I was turning 21 and they all gave me a birthday quop. It was very nice). Basically I got pretty trashed and had to leave my car at the bar. Oi! Here are a few pictures but you can see the rest HERE.

The Quoppers say Cheers!

One of my many, many shots/drinks.

Erik and me.

Sarah and me (I was way-sted!).

Woke up today, not feeling pukey thankfully, to the news that Courtney Love was rushed to the hospital just hours after a warrant was issured for her arrest yesterday.

Courtney Love admitted to hospital hours after she was ordered arrested

"This is not (an) injury related to any altercation, nor is it a suicide attempt. We categorically deny that it has anything to do with drugs," said the attorney.

E! News got an anonymous tip that she was hospitalized for a miscarriage! Wow! I hope she's okay. Poor Courtney.

Today Erik and I are going shopping for Stephanie's birthday (whose birthday is the same day as mine) and then we are going to have a nice sushi dinner at Little Tree (where we had our first date 9 months ago). Weee!