Monday, July 19, 2004

Björk Speaks

Björk has been answering fans' questions concerning her upcoming all-vocal-no-instrument album Medúlla.

You have to be a member of Bjö to read her replies so I am taking the liberty of posting the Q&A here:

Q:  "I just got really bored with instruments. I started doing everything with my voice" Do you not see a person's voice as an instrument?
Björk:  i absolutely do , especially now after having heard all those incredible noises from people i thought was not possible to make.  [2004-07-16]

Q:  What roles did Mark Bell and Matmos play on the new album?
Björk:  matmos were with me in the beginnig and sort of saw it coming with me being obsessed with spike jones and bodenstandig 2000 , choirs and vocal only stuff . they were very graceful and then drew kept introducing me to more vocal stuff i had never heard . they did create fruit machine noises for "who is it " which i later imitated with my voice . mark bell came later into it he´s funny . i e-mailed him "where is the line " and like a year later he e-mailed me a little idea for it . then when i was mixing in london , i hadn´t been in england for ages then , he would turn up at the studio a lot and ended up rescuing "triumph of the heart" for me . that was the last song and had been the hardest one to get right. he was around when rahzel sang his beat in "where is the line " so he helped us editing it . so overall i did most myself but got like 5 percent a little help from friends.  [2004-07-16]

Q:  How did you come up with the name Medulla for your album?
Björk:  i was having problems with finding a title and the furthest i got was ink . i wanted it to be like the core of us visceral pagan stile , like the blood in us but even deeper and darker . then my friend gabríela came up with medúlla which seemed perfect.  [2004-07-16]

Q:  Since you decided to limit yourself to voices-only on Medúlla, did you find yourself getting tons and tons of ideas for songs that would have instruments? Is this what makes you want to do two albums in a row?
Björk:  not really, it sort of was the other way round. i was trying to write with instruments and didn´t really like it. i was struggling. then when i muted all the instruments the songs starting blossoming for me.  [2004-07-18]

Q:  Has "Where is the line" experienced some sort of resurrection while making a studio version of it? Did that song have to go though some drastic changes in production to become a suitable chapter in the Medulla character?
Björk:  it did actually, i alway knew i wanted to arrange a sort of "brennið þið vitar" ( an icelandic choir piece ) arrangement for it, and after i did and it was recorded over last christmas it started to scream for a vocal only version. we tried very hard very long and when finally rahzel came and sang a beat that we had programmed, gave us some noises we edited into it, it finally fell into place in end of april i think it was and i was so happy when i heard the first playthrough of the only vocal version that i silently cried. it felt great, hard tough work but really really worth it.  [2004-07-18]

Q:  If you could describe the styles encompassing this album, what would they be?
Björk:  primitive and silly.  [2004-07-18]

Q: How do YOU pronounce Medúlla? similar to the way you say "abdullah" or "nebula" or...
Björk:  i think so?!?  [2004-07-18]

I can just hear her little elfin voice answering these questions (so it really sounds like "i tink so").  I believe that she is still accepting questions from fans so there may be more answers from her in the future.  I highly suggest that interested readers register at her website and keep an eye out for new responses from fans' questions.  I decided to pose a question in the hopes that she might answer.  Here is my question:

What inspires you to create music?  Do you look up at the clouds and hear a harmony?  Do you step in a puddle and hear a melody?  Do you bite into an apple and hear beats?  Do you look at a tree and hear a song?

I am very excited about the new album and can't wait to hear it.  It is due for U.S. release on August 31.

Fair And Balanced

This afternoon was a nice and quiet one. Erik and I had a nice dinner at Cedar Garden and then spent the rest of the evening doing our own things.  I read for a bit while he got caught up with email.  We watched some TV (the latest batch of Road Rulers are acting like cry-babies; re-runs of Blow Out are just as good as new episodes) and were about to call it a night.  I was flipping through the cable news channels (Martha Stewart was very likeable on Larry King Live) and I happened to stop on Fox News when Bill O'Reilly's show started.  Where do I begin?  The man is such a complete and utter asshole that I can't even do justice to how much of a dickweed he really is.  If you are a fan of Toby Keith then you're probably an O'Reilly fan as well.  The first segment had him advocating the use of torture to get information from prisoners (obviously, he is a fan of Abu Grahb) and the second segment had him applauding Gov. Ahhnold for calling Democrats "girlie men" for not voting his way.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  I am just completely astounded that this man is on the air and is able to spout his bullshit ... AND THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM!  I only watch Fox News to keep an eye on the way they spin the news.  It enrages me every time I tune in but I think it's important to keep paying attention to them.  But let me tell you, those Canadians have the right idea by not letting Fox News air in their country.  As if I needed another reason to want to relocate (in '08) to The Great White North.
If you would like to keep up-to-date with what Fox News reports without having to subject yourself to actually watching their bullshit, then check out News Hounds[They] watch FOX so you don't have to.
It's just so sad to me that there is a market for this kind of "news".  It's utter horseshit and people swallow it willingly.  Wake up America!  Pay attention to what is going on.  Pay attention to what is being offered as "fair and balanced" news. has set up a petition site asking the FTC to prevent Fox News from using the deceptive and misleading trademark "Fair and Balanced".  Whether or not tactics like this will work is not the point.  The point is that people need to pay attention to how the news is being portrayed.
There is a documentary called Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism that has been made to provide an in-depth look at the biased operating practices of this "news" corporation.  You can see the trailer HERE.  I actually ordered a copy to own (for $9.95 it seems well worth it).  The filmmaker has even set up a website to counter Fox News and their propaganda -- unlike the's petition tactic, this seems a more feasible way to do something.
The final report from the 9/11 Commission is due out this week and the findings state that Iran had more of a connection with Osama Bin Laden's terrorists than Iraq did (in fact, there has be NO evidence that Iraq or Saddam Hussein offered any aid to Al Qaeda at all).  I can't wait to hear how the fuckwads at Fox News spin these findings. 
Pay attention people; I plan to.

Pink ROOS Are The Shizz!

Wee! The UPS man just delivered a pair of shoes that I ordered with some birthday money that I recieved. Check out these bad mother f-ers!

I have been extremely jealous of the cool colors that KangaROOS come in for women.  Finally, the guys get to wear cool colors too (rather than the boring red, black, blue, brown primary colors that have been offered).  I saw these shoes in the Journeys catalog and ordered them straightaway.
How you like me now?!?

I Should Be So Lucky

Last night was nice.  I know I've said this before but Erik and I are *always* busy doing ten million things and it seems like we never have time for ourselves.  It's nice when it can just be the two of us.  Over the weekend, at Steve and Stephanie's party, Erik found me in the crowd of people and whispered something private in my ear.  It was so romantic, like out of a movie.  I'm telling you folks, we are so in it for the long haul.  Last night he really wasn't too keen on going to the movies.  But he knew how much I wanted to see Godzilla and did not hesitate to comply.  He is always doing things like that for me and I love him for it.  I'm so lucky.

Late last night/early this morning I found out that the guys at Say Hey! have been wishing me a Happy Birthday since last monday!  I think that this birthday has probably been the most love-filled ever!  It never seems to end!  In other news:

And, just as I suspected, Apple did release the new iPod for sale today.


It sure is purdy.  But I will hold off (as difficult as it may be for me to wait) until the larger capacity iPod is released.

And finally, Erik and I were talking about our upcoming commitments (Steve and Stephanie get married in 3 short weeks!) and I think I might have to tell Mikey that I can't make it down for his wedding.  I really want to be there; I really want to stand up with him but his wedding is at a really bad time for me.  It will be our third wedding in a row, it's out of state (which means plane tickets) and it is just a few weeks after I go back to work.  I'm teaching a new class this first semester and I just don't think I can swing the money and the time.  I'm still thinking about it but I will have to come to a decision this week in order to give Mikey the time he will need to find a replacement in the wedding party.  I want to go so bad but it is looking less feasible the more I think about planning. 

Boo!  I don't want to think about upsetting Mikey so I'm gonna wrap this up and get some things done.  More soon ...