Friday, August 06, 2004

The Practice

These next few posts are going to be succinct and to the point. I'll probably not elaborate as much as I usually do. Such is life.

The drive to Mt. Pleasant with Tracey was so much fun. I tortured her with the Ashlee Simpson cd and she tortured me with some Celtic Yodeling stuff. We had a blast driving together.

We arrived with a lot of private jokes for us to share -- 7 TIMES!

I gave Erik a flower and then proceeded to help Tracey prepare the flowers for the wedding. She did all the bouquets, table pieces, everything that had flowers involved. Little did you know that super Tracey knows how to do everything!

We all went to the theater for the wedding rehearsal. The theater was so cool. Steve and Stephanie had their names up on the marquee. After the rehearsal we were all treated to an amazing Mexican dinner.

Then the friends all went to The Bird (the CMU crowd's favorite bar) for drinks and such. And that was it.

"You Make Me Wanna La La"

Oi, I think I got it bad. I have seriously been listening to *nothing* but Ashlee Simpson for days now. I think I need medical attention or something. I don't understand why the album didn't jump out at me the first time I heard it. Granted, I listened to it in streaming media so maybe that had something to do with my listening experience. In any regard, I think the whole dilemma I was going through over which pop princess to glorify in Britney's absence is settled. As much as I like Hilary Duff's cover of Our Lips Are Sealed, I vastly prefer Ashlee's album to Hilary's. Is this normal? You know, for someone older than 15 years old?

Anyways, I was *all* excited that I had found Ashlee's blog only to find out that it was fake (HERE is the link). It's not so much that I thought the site was real, it's that I was hoping that it was real if only to read what she's really like. Oh God, I do need medical help! Forget I said anything. Let's move on, shall we?

Today is the day that I head up to Mt. Pleasant, MI home to Central Michigan University (Go Chippewas!), Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort and hometown to the beautiful bride-to-be Stephanie (wow, that rhymed, say it aloud "bride-to-be Stephanie"). I think I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. There are a lot of preparations to take care of tonight and tomorrow morning so I'm pretty sure I'll be busy with stuff to do. The rehearsal dinner is tonight and I think it's going to be pretty well attended. I guess I'm kind of nervous that I'm going to be Erik's date since he's in the wedding party and everything. He is the bride's best friend which is practically the Maid of Honor. I know that a lot of pictures are going to be taken and stuff. I'm not great under such scrutiny. I'm sure everything will be fine but, well, I've never done this before. This is why I was so crazed about finding the exact outfit that I envisioned all those months ago. In any regard, I know it's going to be a great time. I promise to have all the highlights ready to post when I get back.

But, what else is going on:

  • Will it be Paris? Will it be Haylie? One of them is going to get Screwed. Who's getting "Screwed"? That's the question Paris Hilton and Haylie Duff want answered ... Both have recorded the same song, called "Screwed," and while they were figuring out what to do about that, Hilton's version leaked via the radio onto the Internet. You can download the Paris Hilton version HERE. I've listened to it and I don't even know what to say. It's kinda good? But what the hell do I know, I'm going to go back to listening to Ashlee Simpson.
  • I think it is horrible that immigrants are competing Fear Factor-style for U.S. Green Cards! "Gana la Verde" ("Win the Green") has attracted big audiences and hundreds of contestants willing to eat burritos crammed with live worms, jump off high-speed trucks or wash sky-scraper windows in exchange for a year's legal help in speeding up their visa or green card cases. This is mex-ploitation at its worst! Sick!
  • Well, if at first you get fired from one show for being a tired old hag, try and try again. Joan Rivers has scored a spot on a show on Court TV where she bugs random people on street about celebrity cases, or something like that. The comedian/red-carpet fixture is set to host a new segment called "Joan Rivers -- The Dismissed Juror" on the cable network's celebrity newsmagazine "Hollywood Heat," starting with Thursday night's episode. In the segment, Rivers will conduct "man on the street" interviews to ask the public about celebrity legal woes and high-profile trials, among other topics. Who in hell is going to watch this drivel? Not me, not when I can watch Growing Up Gotti instead. Shizz, are you kidding me? The Gotti Boys even have their own site called Hotti Gotti. Joan Rivers can go F herself.
  • I think the only thing worse than Joan Rivers on TV is Tony Danza on TV -- he's getting his own talk show. Ay Oh! Oh Ay! TV programmers must be horribly desperate.
So I guess that's it. I need to wrap shizz up and get outta here. The belt I got from Hot Topic last night is too small so I'm going to try and exchange it before I have to meet up with Tracey and head up to Mt. Pleasant. I'm out, but I'll be back. Miss me!

While I'm gone, may I recommend that you head over to popbytes for your pop culture commentary and shizz

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