Sunday, September 05, 2004

Club Wedd

Matt & Ame's wedding was so much fun! I don't think I'm going to be able to do the whole day justice but I'm going to do my best. Please feel free, those of you who were in attendance, to leave a comment if I forgot to mention something.

Erik and I got to East Lansing at about 1pm. We were scheduled to get there that early (the wedding ceremony was at 3pm) to help with the reception hall decorating. We arrived and found that there really wasn't much we could do because the people setting up the hall weren't ready yet. So, we got dressed and ready and went over to the MSU Horticulture Garden which was where the wedding ceremony was being held. The day was so beautiful. It was hot but not too hot. Ame looked amazing! It was a very nice ceremony.

After the deal was done, we had to jet back over to the reception hall to start decorating. I was, once again, appointed to help Tracey with the flowers and Erik was put to work with Stephanie. She was dubbed the Mistress of Ceremony for the wedding and rightly so, she had everything under control. We got everything set up and ready in plenty of time. We rocked!

Dinner was FANTASTIC! The food was superb, the drinks were strong, the company was THE best. We were seated at table #18 (which we called "18 & Life") with Stephanie, Tracey, Andy and Alyson. Once the music started, it was SO on! Everyone danced and had a great time. I'm not even kidding, some younger guy (mid-20's) I never met before comes up to me later in the night to shake my hand and tell me what a great dancer I am. He was especially impressed with my "many moves". I about died, it was hilarious! Erik and I danced to a few songs (they were all cheesey) and we were met with a few compliments from people we didn't know. It was nice. Eh, so we were the token gay couple -- but hello, every successful wedding has to have their gays.

We had such a great time, Matt & Ame are the best couple ever. They are so cute and so right for each other. But, I do have to say that it wasn't until I joined the circle of friends that both Matt & Ame and Steve & Stephanie got engaged and married. Before I came along, they were both in very long relationships (years of being together) but not engaged. Then I show up and Steve proposes to Stephanie and then Matt proposes to Ame and then Steve and Stephanie get married and then Mat and Ame get married.

They can all thank me later.

Anyways, I took some pictures but ended up running into a digital camera malfunction of some sort. I'm not quite sure what happened but some of the pictures on my memory card got corrupted and were not able to be retrieved. I lost a really cool picture of Matt, Ame, Erik and me. But, I did manage to salvage 99% of the pictures which can be found HERE (or linked to the right on the sidebar). Additionally, my battery ran out of juice and the spare that I brought wasn't charged at all. So I only got to take pictures up to the garter belt portion of the evening. Fortunately, the wedding photographers will post their pictures online in a few weeks so that attendees can order them directly. I plan on ordering some of their pictures because they took a lot of pictures of us on the dancefloor.

The wedding rocked! I wish Matt & Ame a lifetime of health and happiness ... and a baby named Trent.