Friday, September 10, 2004

Thank F#@* It's Friday

This must be some sort of record ... I know it's not rare for Real Worlders to get arrested (Adam from Paris, Dan from Miami, David from New Orleans, Robin from San Diego, Alton from Las Vegas, Frank from Las Vegas, Steven from Seattle and more ...) but they usually get arrested after appearing on the show (except for Frank from Las Vegas, who was arrested right before he went on the show). The Real World: Philadelphia just premiered this week and there is already news of Landon's arrest. He was arrested in 2002 for assaulting an animal, has the details:

According to a misdemeanor criminal complaint, an intoxicated and "extremely belligerent" Lueck was told that he would have to leave a University of Wisconsin-Penn State game. When he refused to leave, a mounted cop "attempted to guide Mr. Lueck away from the area." Lueck responded by grabbing the animal's neck and trying to push it away. When the cop tried to again nudge him along, Lueck "continued to push back at the horse and refused to leave." He was then arrested and charged with "harassment of police animal."

Ah, how I've missed the criminal hijinks of Real World cast members ... whoever will be arrested next?

Add PJ Harvey to the list of shows that are coming to Detroit. She just announced more dates on her fall tour. She will be playing The State Theater on October 14th.

Lisa Loeb and her kitchen are featured in a USA Today article. [Her kitchen] has a retro charm that is cute but sophisticated, enhanced by Loeb's extensive Hello Kitty-themed collection of appliances, including a rice steamer, toaster, waffle iron and coffeemaker ... "I always liked the image of Hello Kitty," Loeb says. "Once they started putting her face on actual products you can use, I had to bring her back into my life." I can't even imagine how cute her house must be. As you may remember, she is recently split from her long-time boyfriend Dweezil Zappa and she just released a new album, The Way It Really Is, last month. Yay Lisa!

It's a boy! The Sun Newspaper is reporting that David and Victoria Beckham are going to have another boy. The pair wanted a sister for sons Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, two ... But scans showed their next baby is a lad. I wonder what they'll name the little chap? He's to be born in Spain (where the family lives when David is playing soccer) so he may have a Spanish name. Madrid Beckham?

Work should be light today. I teach my class today (it doesn't meet on Thursdays) and I'm going to keep the rest of the day stress free. We'll see how that works out. Tonight, we are going out to celebrate Megan's birthday (which is actually on Sunday but she's going to be with her family on Sunday) and that should be so fun. Expect pictures!!

And now to work ...