Thursday, September 16, 2004

T Control

We decided to keep date night chill again (as has been our custom of late) if only because we're both tired all the time. We got Chinese take-out from Moy's and watched the first 3 episodes of Buffy season 4. It was nice and relaxed.

I ended up taping those "exclusive interviews" that were on TV last night, here's the gist: Britney wants to be a "young mother" and Whitney is going to work with producer and mogul Clive Davis again to stage a comeback (Whitney also performed last night at the World Music Awards -- I was able to watch her performance and I thought she did an amazing job. I was very surprised, you can see it HERE). Not very exciting, but TRL did premiere the commercial for Britney Spears' perfume Curious. You can download the commercial at

Tonight is the season premiere of Will & Grace with guest star Jennifer Lopez ... should I watch it?

There is lots of goss, so let's get to it:
And that's it ... I'll be back in a bit ... to work, to work, to work ...