Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Very Special Flager Family Day

This post will be quick and concise, only because I'm tired and must get to bed.

Last night Erik and I went to the Necto for dancing ... twas very fun. We stayed out late and had to get up early to drive out to Onsted to spend the afternoon with his mom, who is going to Chile for a month.

We got to Onsted at the appointed hour and had an amazing feast. Soon, other members of the Flager family arrived (no one was there when we got there, they were either at work or at the Michigan football game or WHATEVER) and we all hung out. We walked over to the Frosty Boy for ice cream and stuff. It was very nice.

On the way home, we stopped at Best Buy because I wanted to finally buy the new Pokémon game. When we got home, I had a quick pizza, we watched an extremely disturbing movie called Wizards and went to bed.

Sorry for the lack of detail or conviction, but I'm going to bed now.