Friday, September 24, 2004

Jean Therapy

This post will be a pathetic pittance of an entry. I am just FLOODED with a million different tasks that have kept me from scouring the Internet for interesting information for you all.

My deepest apologies.

BUT I do have to share with you that last night I purchased the coolest pair of Diesel jeans -- ever! I really wanted to find a pair of jeans that I loved and I did. I really wasn't hopeful that I would find a pair that I loved but the salesgirl was totally kickass. I told her the look that I wanted and she pulled out about 5 different styles for me to try (all of the styles made me look like I had a butt, this is a good thing). I liked 3 of them and loved the pair I got. I'll probably have to get the other 2 later on.

AND, this is hilarious, I have the funniest story to share as well. Today is free dress day (ie. everyone in the school is allowed to wear whatever they want, no dress code) and I am wearing really cool ripped jeans, a tight t-shirt and I had Erik do my hair -- I had 2 girls come up to me and ask me if I modeled! I about fell on the floor! I informed them that a.) I was too short to be a model and b.) I was too ugly to be a model. One of the girls replied, "Well, you certainly look like a model, Mr. Vanegas. I think you should try to model." HAHAHHAH!

Yipes, I have to go and finish my work. I think that posts are going to be pretty sparse for a while. We are going to be in heavy party preparation mode tonight and tomorrow ... then the party will be in full swing and then we are saving Sunday for a big fat DO NOTHING day. I'll update when I can ...

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