Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Milkshake Brings All The Paparazzi To The Yard

I am having a devil of a time finding the time to blog lately! I have all these lectures to work on, special assignments for Spirit Week, etc. -- they all are sucking time away from blogging! When I get home the last thing I want to do is play on the computer. Grrr ... I'm going to have to set aside a time to write ya'll! Because how else am I going to be able to talk about BRITNEY SPEARS!!!??? We all know the girl done lost her mind in recent months. So, it's not quite so surprising to see pictures of Britney Spears Federline and her crew running around with alien masks throwing milkshakes at paparazzi. She has been spotted in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana shopping at the local mall but the latest word is that she and her rat-faced hubby are going to be honeymooning in the United Kingdom. Esther Madonna has offered her UK country estate to the newlyweds to enjoy while on their honeymoon. Madge called the newlyweds to send her congratulations - and then offered to put the pair up in her sprawling country estate in rural Wiltshire ... Madonna sent the happy couple a Kabbalah text as an engagement present, and Britney has kept it with her ever since. How precious! And because I'm sure you haven't had your fill of Britney wedding pictures head on over to EverythingBritney.net -- there you will find a PLETHORA OF PICTURES from OK Magazine from Britney's September 18th wedding.

In today's goss round-up
  • It won't be long before prisoner No. 55170-054 must report to prison to begin her sentence. You may know prisoner No. 55170-054 as Martha Stewart. The celebrity homemaker, who must begin serving her five-month prison sentence by Oct. 8, was assigned the number by federal marshals ... The number now appears under Stewart's name on the U.S. Bureau of Prisons Web site. She is also listed as ''in transit,'' but the designation simply means she has a reporting date, prisons spokesman Dan Dunne said Monday. Yikes, this news makes her prison sentence seem all official and imposing.
  • I feel for her -- Chaka Khan's son has been arrested for murder. Damien Patrick Holland, 25, was arrested shortly after the Friday night shooting of an 18-year-old man, police Sgt. Catherine Plows said. Holland and the victim were fighting and both struggled to control a gun, which fired and struck the teen, police said. The victim died at a nearby hospital. Whoa ... that sucks! Hello, people shouldn't be playing with guns.
  • Does Paris Hilton allow all of her boyfriends to tape her having sex?! Get ready, ya'll, here comes another Paris Hilton sex tape. The 23-year-old blonde writhes in the back of a car with her ex-boyfriend NICK CARTER in one scene, and is then seen answering the door naked to model ex-boyfriend JASON SHAW ... In the video, Hilton reportedly jokes, whilst puffing on a cannabis joint, "Paris Hilton part two: how to roll a joint!" Now that's hot! Oh wait, not it's not.
  • A few days ago we got a glimpse at the costume that Jessica Alba will be wearing as Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie -- now we have full pictures of the entire team (Click the image below to see the full size). THIS ARTICLE has a rundown of each of the team members ... and HELLO! can we talk about how "hot" the Human Torch looks?! I can't wait to see the movie now! [heads up via Thighs Wide Shut]
And that's about it for today. I'm really looking forward to a more uniform routine so that I can devote a time of day to writing. Right now, I'm all over the place when it comes to blogging. I will be back if time allows ... so it might not be until tomorrow.

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