Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"Take A Chance You Stupid Ho"

This morning I woke up from a very bizarre dream with a strong craving for a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. I hate Starbucks coffee but I do enjoy their caramel drink every once in a while. Anyways, so I'm waiting for my caramel beverage in my pajamas (today is Pajama Day; my pajamas consist of A&F track pants and a Captain America t-shirt -- which is not really what I sleep in but I didn't think it would be a good idea to show up to work in my boxer shorts) and this young woman asks me "Is it Pajama Day at your school?" I told her that it was and she inquired which high school I was going to and then she asked me if I were a senior. The young lady made my day! I told her that no I wasn't a senior and that I was probably older than she was -- she told me that she too gets mistaken for a student as she is a teacher as well. Then she smiled at me in a flirty fashion. My drink was ready and I bolted for the door with a quick "Well, have a great day!" It's funny, I never get hit on when I go to Caribou Coffee for my occasional morning coffee.

I was happy to discover that is now taking preorders for the 2005 Les Dieux du Stade calendar (the half-nekked French rugby players calendar) and accompanying Making Of ... DVD. Needless to say I have already put in my order. I have found that many people have found enjoyment from my 2004 Les Dieux du Stade calendar so far be it from me to deny those people another year of enjoyment.

That's just the kind of guy that I am :)

Gwen Stefani's first solo single What You Waiting For? is now available for download at iTunes. MTVnews has an article on the song saying that it "... captures the singer's conflicted feelings in the form of an inner dialogue with herself, with the more confident Gwen (who sings in a tough, strident tone) giving the nervous one (squeakier and higher) some tough love: "Take a chance, you might grow ... Take a chance, you stupid ho." It's very catchy, I suggest you check it out.

Last night I finally found the time to watch this week's episode of Charmed with guest star Charisma Carpenter (the actress formerly known as Cordelia on Buffy). It aired this past Sunday and thankfully I had preset my VCR to record it because I was not home at all on Sunday. It was a pretty good episode. I dunno, Charmed just isn't doing it for me lately. There have been 3 episodes so far this year and they have been pretty "Eh!" if you ask me. It's no Buffy, that's for sure. But I'm loyal so I will continue to watch. I'm hoping that it gets better so that I can look forward to watching the show. Charisma guests again next week.

I was also able to catch the show that is being touted as "the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- Veronica Mars. There has been heavy promotion for this new show. I heard the commercial for it on the radio 3 times yesterday -- Paris Hilton guest-starred as a "rich, snobby bitch". She did a pretty good job actually. I missed the first episode last week but I think I got the gist of how the show is going to play out. I guess I liked what I saw but I wouldn't quite call it "the new Buffy" based on what I saw. USA Today likes the show ("... there's more than enough talent here to flesh out that story. Now let's hope UPN gives Veronica the time it needs ... This is one TV case we don't want to see closed.") I think I'll give it a try though -- I wasn't a Buffy fan for a long time so maybe this show will grow on me. Eh, we'll see ... I was pleasantly surprised to find that Shawn Ashmore (who played Iceman in the X-Men movies) is on the show. I guess we'll see if Veronica Mars-mania takes hold.

In other news:
  • Britney wants the world to know "Kevin took out a loan to contribute towards the wedding and so he could buy me my band. He insisted." She is offering this information so that people understand that she's not paying for everything between the 2 of them. Um, does she realize that she's not making him look much better by telling the world that he has no money?
  • Dolly Parton just can't take it anymore. She is ready to undergo a breast reduction. The I Will always Love You singer had silicone implants in both her twenties and her thirties, but doctors have now told the 58-year-old star her enormous double-D bust will have to be reduced to relieve the crippling pressure on her back and shoulders. She admits: "My boobs are killing me - and I don't know if I can stand the pain any longer. "My boobs have been a trademark for me - but I've paid one hell of a price." Is it crazy that I never knew she had breast implants?!
  • The New York Post wrote a scathing review of the recent Von Bondies show in New York. September 29, 2004 -- DETROIT city rockers the Von Bondies revved their engine, but sputtered through their Irving Plaza gig Monday like a lawnmower with a fouled plug ... The fans, a paltry 600 strong, were only totally engaged during "C'mon." For the rest of the performance, the hipster crowd just showed appreciation with bobbing noggin nods. Sounds like the reception at the June Scissor Sisters show here in Detroit. I can't wait to see them (with Melissa Auf der Maur) in a few weeks. I'm sure the Detroit show will be much more lively ... I hope.
  • Cedar Point will no longer be home to the world's tallest, fastest rollercoaster -- the new rollercoaster king is gonna be in New Jersey. JACKSON, N.J. - Six Flags Great Adventure is opening the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster this spring ? a thrill ride that accelerates to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds and rises 456 feet off the ground. Boo! My friends and I are going to Cedar Point in a few weeks to enjoy the rides before the park closes down for the season.
  • Poor Eric McCormack (Will on Will & Grace) -- apparently he was hoping to get a record contract or something. "Eric had been hoping to branch out and, in addition to doing 'Will & Grace,' wanted to do an easy listening album," said our source. "He was petitioning BMG for a contract and even performed live on 'Today,' but no one is biting after the poor sales." What I don't understand is if Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan can get record deals then ANYONE should be able to get a record deal.
  • Sadly, one of The Weather Girls has died. Armstead, who along with partner Martha Wash started out as background singers for San Francisco disco diva Sylvester before forming the Weather Girls, died Sept. 16 of heart failure at a hospital in San Leandro, Calif., about 30 kilometres east of San Francisco. At least now she can enjoy all those nekked men in heaven full time now.
And that's it for the round-up. Tonight we are going to see Michael Moore in Ann Arbor. He was in Dearborn yesterday and will bring his "tour" to Hill Auditorium tonight to whip up support for John Kerry (one can assume). I'm hoping to have pictures of the event to share.