Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry Kicked Bush's Ass!!!

HOLY CRUD! Kerry hands Bush a can of WHOOP-ASS!!! This first presidential debate was AWESOME! It was clear that Kerry was the winner here. I loved how Kerry used George Bush, Sr.'s own words to make an incredible point against GWB! I also loved how Kerry said that he made of made a mistake talking about the war in Iraq but Bush made a mistake taking us to war in Iraq. I loved it! That was an awesome point! Another great Kerry point -- Saddam Hussein did not attack us, Osama Bin Laden did. I actually jumped out of my seat and yelled out with glee!

Bush looked flustered and completely uncomfortable. He looked horrible ... the cut away shots were very telling. Kerry looked poised and presidential, Bush looked completely flustered and lost

He kept getting mad, he lost control a few times and took some LONG ASS pauses -- shit, there were YEARS of silence when it was GWB's turn to talk. Did you notice how much water he was drinking? He was sweating bullets because he knew he was doing a horrible job. I *loved every single second of this debate*! I don't know what I loved more -- when Kerry spoke and articulated his position or when Bush spoke panicked and stood there in idiotic silence. John Kerry was EXTREMELY presidential.

You can tell, the Bush camp was not happy with this debate -- they were worried y'all because GWB is a moron and if you put a camera on him long enough it will be clear to anyone -- he is an utter fool! The best way for us to win this election is just to let Bush speak ... put a camera on him and let him talk -- he's a fool, he's a moron, and people need to see him in action. I can't wait until the next debate (Oct. 08)!

And let me tell you, the pundits were all saying that Kerry was the clear winner tonight. Fox News was ripping on Bush y'all! You KNOW that's good news.

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm off to jump around the house some more ... more on this tomorrow!!!


Give Me Moore

Last night's evening with Michael Moore was awesome! I forget how inspiring the man can be! He sold out the Hill Auditorium at the University of Michigan and gave an impassioned plea to the "slackers" in the audience in the hopes that they would register and then vote on November 2. We (Jessica, Jeremy, Sarah, Mark and I) got there right before Moore was to take the stage so we were lucky to get seats together. Jeremy was able to save seats for us in the middle balcony. Unfortunately I was too far back to be able to take pictures but The Michigan Daily has posted a couple of pictures to go along with their story on the event. The article is very well-written and really gives a good synopsis of how the event went down.

The goal of the night was to reach out to college-aged students, one of the largest underrepresented groups at the polls. Moore gave out prizes to people who registered to vote while at the speech, but the majority of the night was an anti-Bush rally ... The atmosphere at Hill took on a more somber tone when Moore started reading some of the e-mails he has received from soldiers in Iraq. He explained how he has received more than 3,000 e-mails from soldiers, and then asked, ?When have we heard from soldiers who are dissatisfied with the war??

I was encouraged by the evening. Moore made the point that we cannot become disenfranchised with the belief that we are going to lose this election. We must do everything we can to make sure that we WIN this election and ensure that GWB is ousted from the White House. NOTHING would make me happier!

In unhappy news, The Michigan Daily also ran an article stating that polls are showing that Michigan is likely to vote to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Additionally, "[b]attleground states may swing into Bush's win column come Nov. 2 if voters come to the polls to vote against gay marriage and for the president ... Many states have laws defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but they are open to judicial review by the courts. Amendments to the constitution would prevent overturns by courts." It is completely disgusting to me that so many people would vote to amend the constitution in order to take away rights instead of ensuring rights to people.

Let's get to the goss:
  • 'Cause we need another zombie movie; George Romero is set to make his next undead flick. So if you want zombies, why not get the originator? Romero starts filming Land Of The Dead in Toronto next week -- a movie that pits a ragtag few uninfected survivors (including Asia Argento, Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo) against an entire zombie nation that has begun the process of socialization. I think that there are way too many dead people in movies these days. They're going to start to get uppity!
  • It seems that Rocco has run out of restaurants -- after his famed The Restaurant eatery was shut down just recently comes word that his first restaurant, the one that made him famous, is also going to close its doors. NEW YORK - Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, who rose to national prominence in the reality TV series 'The Restaurant' only to see the venture dissolve in legal acrimony with his partners, is leaving his other restaurant ... As of next week, DiSpirito, 37, will step down as executive chef at Union Pacific, the Gramercy Park restaurant where he first gained notoriety after it opened in 1997, DiSpirito and his partners said Tuesday. The restaurant will close at the end of the year. At least he's quitting while he's behind.
  • Good news for Chaka -- her son is NOT going to be charged with murder. Soul legend Chaka Khan's son Damien Holland has escaped a murder charge because Los Angeles police don't have enough evidence against him. It probably was an accidental shooting because I don't think that Chaka Khan has enough pull to pull a Kobe Bryant for her son.
  • A British woman is claiming that she is pregnant with Michael Jackson's twins. Actress Sholeh Bocchelli, 35, says she was originally pregnant with quads after IVF treatment with the singer ... But she had two babies aborted to save the others on the advice of doctors. Oh lord, just what the world needs ...
And that's all, sorry for the short post but I've got quizzes to grade, test review sheets to work up and computer problems coming out my ass!

Boo! I think I'm going to have to go shopping to make me feel better ... today is pay day! Woot!