Friday, October 01, 2004

... But Can I Tell You About My New Jeans?

Well the secret's out. Patty Bouvier, Marge Simpson's sister, is the character who is going to come out of the closet and get married (to another woman) on The Simpsons. Purple-haired Patty decides to pursue women after being snubbed by every man in Springfield ... She finds true love after being seduced in a bar by a butch lesbian. In the episode, Homer becomes ordained and performs the wedding ceremony for Patty and her girlfriend. I love The Simpsons! It is a very intelligent show and I applaud them for tackling this subject-matter.

I'm STILL on a high from last night's debate. The overwhelming consensus is that John Kerry killed GWB. I watched a little bit of Karen Hughes trying to defend GWB's performance and actually laughed outloud. She was more articulate than Bush was ... but she's an evil troll who cannot be trusted either. CNN has posted a few comments by debate viewers and they are mostly in favor of Kerry:

Prior to this debate, I was undecided, but after seeing John Kerry speak, I will definitely be voting for him. Kerry set forth real points in support of his position on the war.

John Kerry, who really had to do more, did do it, and he consistently expressed himself more simply, clearly and effectively that many people expected him to. It was a close debate, but Kerry comes out as the better communicator and having achieved more after debate #1.

John Kerry displayed a deep thoughtful understanding of the global pressures that should influence American foreign policy. Pres. Bush revealed his narrower perspective, never even responding to Kerry's point that protecting American corporate oil interests was the true motivation for the war on Iraq. Bush was a broken record, repeating sound bites without content. John Kerry was presidential.

Woo! The pitiful Bush supporters were only trying to spin his horrid performance. I couldn't be more pleased. The VP candidates debate on Tuesday. The next presidential debate is a week from today. Bring it on Bushie! You can't hold a candle to John Kerry! One more thing, check out Jessi Klein's (VH-1's Best Week Ever) debate blog at CNN for some great commentary ... stay away from Novak's blog -- yikes!

Yes! Brunettes are SO in right now. I knew that if I waited long enough my hair color would be in vogue again. Thanks to Britters, Brunette's are the "in" crowd now. The Sun newspaper (UK) has a little blurb about Britney's new do, but there are other articles (Brown is the new Blonde, for example) proclaiming the new hip hair color to be brown.

Yehaw! I say!

And not to sound petty or anything but while Britney is (supposedly) happy with her new husband Kevvy-Wevvy it seems that the same can't be said for Justin and Cameron. I know, I know I said that I don't really care about these two -- but that's all changed now that they are falling apart as a couple. I never really liked either one of them. But I find it interesting that Justin claims that Britney cheated on him (and that's why they broke up) and then he turns around and cheats on Cameron a year or so into their relationship. October 1, 2004 -- CAMERON Diaz seems to fall for men who have a wandering eye. She broke up with Matt Dillon and Jared Leto because they cheated on her, and now our sources say her latest beau, Justin Timberlake, has been straying with a lovely brunette named Monica, 26. I really don't think these two are going to be a public couple for long.

Other news:

  • Marilyn Manson is going on tour (called, and I *love* this, Against All Gods) to support his greatest hits album (which I've yet to purchase -- I plan to if only to own the DVD of all of their videos). He also explains why the duet he did with Shirley Manson of Garbage won't see the light of day. "That's what we were originally planning to do for this album [release the duet he recorded with Shirley Manson], but the track didn't really come out exactly how we wanted it," Manson explained. "It wasn't fantastic enough to even be on either of our albums. ... I wasn't in the best frame of mind when I did it, and I had to take some time away, and that's when I had a moment of clarity and 'Personal Jesus' came to mind." He doesn't rule out a future collaboration with Ms. Manson though. "It was through no fault of either one of us," he said. "I think we may end up doing something good together, so we want to try again later. I liked working with her, and we sounded good together. We looked good together, too." I hope they do work together, I was really looking forward to hearing this duet. Marilyn Manson plays The State Theater in Detroit on November 14th.
  • Lindsay Lohan's father has pleaded guilty to beating the crap out of a garbage man. According to the criminal complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court, Lohan struck the sanitation worker “several times about the face with closed fists.” I have no witty quip for this one.
  • Dig! opens in select cities this weekend, it opens in Detroit next weekend. If you're a cool hipster you'll know what I'm talking about and will find the time to check it out.
  • Victoria Beckham, in addition to birthin' another David Beckham baby (lucky bitch), is going to design clothes. She has been brainstorming on "washes and finishes" and will co-design jeans, skirts and exclusive knits. "I've always been interested in fashion - it's something which comes very naturally to me," she said. "Being involved with Rock & Republic in this way, creatively, behind the scenes is something I'm really looking forward to." Music appears to be firmly at the bottom of her list of priorities after her latest failed bid for solo chart success. Her last track This Groove/Let Your Head Go, only got to No3 and all her songs with hip hop mogul Damon Dash were ditched. I, for one, like Vicky's songs ... but I doubt I'll be sportin' VB-wear anytime soon.
  • Courtney Love is broke y'all! You know she's paying out the ass for her legal woes and now she's being sued for not paying her bills. The lawsuit says Love asked the company to book tickets, hotel reservations and other travel arrangements for herself, her family, agents and staff last year. She authorized payment to her credit card, but later withdrew authorization and sent checks, the lawsuit alleges. One check was connected to a closed bank account and she allegedly canceled a second. She needs to get her ass on tour and sell some t-shirts or somethin'.
And that's about it. I have to tell you -- I'm in a good mood because of the debate last night but I'm also in a good mood because I'm sportin' a brand new pair of Diesel jeans too! You may recall that I purchased a new pair last week (paid a pretty penny too) but there was another pair that I really loved when I went shopping last week. Well, I went back to the Diesel store in the hopes that the girl who helped me last week would be there to help me again. She was not but this very nice young chap offered his services instead (Aww sheeeet!). He was *very helpful* and found my jeans for me ... and offered up another pair that I just had to have. Long story short, I was going to wait on the third pair but since I had the money I purchased that pair as well. I'm not going to tell how much $$$ I blew (I saw what happened last week when Melanie ragged on Sarah [on The Real World: Philadelphia) for buying expensive jeans] but I can assure you -- it was money well spent! I went to Caribou Coffee this morning and got eyeballed like a muther-effer by the dude who made my Caramel High Rise drink ;) As my friend Shane said, Diesel jeans are magic!

There is talk of dancing tonight and I'm *all* for it! I've got some great mojo today -- I want to share it with the world!