Friday, October 29, 2004


Oh my! I was able to see SAW tonight and I am very glad that I did. I would have been incredibly pissed if someone ruined the ending for me. It is a pretty good movie. I was not happy near the end because I felt that the ending was going to suck ... but I was wrong. I don't want to say too much so that I don't ruin the movie for anyone but if you have any interest in seeing this movie GO NOW.

I wanted to watch the 9:45 movie but when I got to the theater that movie AND the 10:30 movie were both sold out. I had to buy a ticket to see Birth (the new Nicole Kidman movie) and then sneak into the theater. They were checking tickets like crazy but I managed to slip by and walk into the theater. I would have seen Birth but I really wanted to see SAW tonight.

Yeah, so the movie was pretty ... shocking ... I wasn't quite ready to come home after the movie (especially since Erik went to his parent's for the weekend and I would be home alone) so I went to Q to dance for a little bit. Yeah, I got there and it was dead ... literally. It was exactly like City Club in there. I shit you not, they played Goldfrapp's Strict Machine, Marilyn Manson's (m)OBSCENE, Nine Inch Nails' Starfucker, Garbage's Sleep Together and Lords of Acid's I Sit On Acid ... among other gothy songs. It was awesome! I got the best of both worlds. Unfortunately it wasn't very crowded ... I told you it was dead. I had fun nonetheless.

Now I'm going to try and go to sleep without images from the movie creeping into my head. Wish me luck.

Take Action

I don't think Michael Moore would mind:

Download the full movie Fahrenheit 9/11 HERE.

If you haven't seen this movie, please watch it before the election!
We need a regime change!!!

Bee Happy!

There is a lot to talk about today. I'm going to just get to it ...

The title of Tori Amos' 8th album has been revealed. It will be entitled The Beekeeper. The Dent alerted me to the fact that MTVNews broke news of the album title and USAToday has further revealed 3 song titles -- Sweet the Sting, Sleeps With Butterflies and Ribbons Undone.

I am so excited! New Tori music ... woo!!!

Sarah and I are very anxious to get tickets to the An Evening with Tori Amos concert this coming February. She will perform songs as well as discuss her life as a working musician and mother, from the studio to the stage. Tori will be in conversation with Ann Powers, senior curator for the Experience Music Project in Seattle, and former music critic for The New York Times and The Village Voice. They are co-authors of the new book, Tori Amos, Piece by Piece. We are still hoping to do a trip to NYC to see Tori in concert.

That USAToday article also has the first look at the teaser poster for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Honestly, I expected more from a Star Wars teaser poster.

As usual, I am going to hold off judgment of the film until it is actually released but I really do not hold much faith that Episode III is going to be good enough and cover enough history to bridge the gap to Episode IV.

We'll see though ... the movie is slated for a May 2005 release.

Foxnews (among other news agents, I just like that Foxnews is eating crow) is reporting that video exists showing that US troops were in Iraq before that stockpile of weapons went missing. GWB has been hammering John Kerry on the campaign trail claiming that he is speaking about something before he has all the facts. Hello, GWB is the one who doesn't have all the facts. How can the Commander In Chief of the US armed forces NOT KNOW that US military troops were in Iraq, came upon a stockpile of weapons and then let them go missing?! He is completely unfit to lead ... as if we needed MORE PROOF of this fact! Here's a picture of a US soldier standing in front of barrels of weapons:

But we know that the Bush campaign will do "Whatever It Takes" to try and steal another election ... they will even Photoshop their campaign ads to make it look like they have FULL military support of the war in Iraq.

As you can see in this picture from the ad, sections of the soldiers pictured have been duplicated in order to fill the audience with military personnel. LIES LIES LIES! When will the US tire of GWB LIES?!? November 2nd cannot get here soon enough for me!

AND we all know that Hallowe'en is drawing ever-close, so let's look at some of 2004's Scariest Costumes (see the full list HERE):

Click image for larger size

I think I am going to dress up as Jenna Bush's liver too!

  • First we had VP Dick Cheney telling a Congressman to "Fuck Off" when criticized about Halliburton and now we have video of GWB giving a "one-fingered victory salute". I cannot wait to get these assholes out of our White House!
  • Speaking of Halliburton -- the FBI is now going to investigate whether or not Halliburton got the Iraq contract unfairly or not. WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI has made a formal request to interview the Army Corps of Engineers chief contracting officer who has alleged her agency unfairly awarded no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars to a Halliburton subsidiary for work in Iraq, law enforcement sources said Thursday. It is so past time for the whole bunch of crooks to get booted out of the White House!
  • Where there is smoke, there is fire. Bill O'Reilly has settled his sexual harrasment suit out of court. The lawyer for Fox News' top talker, Bill O'Reilly, has announced that a settlement has been reached with Andrea Mackris, the O'Reilly Factor associate producer who accused him of sexual harassment ... "On a personal note, this matter has caused enormous pain, but I had to protect my family and I did," he said on his show Thursday. "This brutal ordeal is now officially over, and I will never speak of it again." My feeling is that O'Reilly would have fought to the bitter end if he was innocent.
  • MSN Slate has posted another interesting ARTICLE on Britney Spears ... again. Geeze, is she all they cover these days? She's referred to her online missive as "The Letter of Truth: I Hope You Can Handle It," which echoes oddly the opening words of the "Prerogative" video: "They can never take away your truth. The question is: Can you handle mine?" It seems Britney can break free from everything except her own talking points. But then, that's always been her greatest trick: She strips and strips and strips, yet never reveals a thing. I love how even her critics can't stop talking about her -- a sure sign that she is a huge pop culture icon.
  • What's this? Nick Lachey has reportedly cheated on Jessica Simpson? Two US publications claimed he had sex with Jessica Jaymes at a stag night party ... The celebrity couple have rocketed to stardom, baring the most private moments of their celebrity marriage in the television series Newlyweds ... Star magazine and the National Enquirer both claimed Lachey frolicked with Jaymes at a party for his sound engineer friend Sean Sullivan ... Jaymes admitted Lachey had watched her indulge in a lesbian sex show - but denied anything else happened. IMDB news is also reporting this. I don't believe it ... yet.
  • Speaking of Jessica Simpson, you can pick up her new Xmas cd at participating 7-11 stores before it gets released in stores (weird!). Jessica Simpson's Christmas album -- currently available at 7-Eleven stores -- is being expanded for its November 23 release into other outlets. Named after her grandmother, ReJoyce - The Christmas Album features four extra songs, with the acoustic version of Simpson's cover of Robbie Williams' "Angels" the only track not to reappear on this re-release. Also out on November 23 will be Simpson's concert DVD, "Reality Tour Live," which was shot at the Los Angeles stop on her summer tour. ... Ashlee Simpson -- who sings a duet with big sis Jessica ("Little Drummer Boy") on the Christmas album -- is heading out on tour in January, according to a missive she posted Tuesday on her Web site. Yay for Ash ... Boo! for Jess.
  • "Punk" was the word for 1974 ... what was the word in the year you were born? Find out HERE. [courtesy of Thighs Wide Shut]
  • Morrissey is urging his fans to vote for John Kerry, this from NME: MORRISSEY has branded US immigration officers under GEORGE BUSH as having "all the charm and unanswerable indignation of Hitler's SS" and is urging his fans to vote for JOHN KERRY. And here is the full message from his official website (go there and check out a cute pic of Moz in a Jon Stewart for President t-shirt): With all my heart I urge people to vote against George Bush. Jon Stewart would be ideal, but John Kerry is the logical and sane move. It does not need to be said yet again, but Bush has single-handedly turned the United States into the most neurotic and terror-obsessed country on the planet. For non-Americans, the United States is suddenly not a very nice place to visit because US immigration officers -- under the rules of Bush -- now conduct themselves with all the charm and unanswerable indignation of Hitler's SS. Please bring sanity and intelligence back to the United States. Don't forget to vote. Vote for John Kerry and get rid of George Bush! I love Mozzer!
  • Diana ... good news for you -- a new novel is going to be released starring Hannibal Lecter. NEW YORK (AP) -- Readers hungry for a good thriller can get ready to welcome an old friend: a new Hannibal Lecter novel, Behind the Mask, is coming next fall. "Thomas Harris is the premier novelist of psychological suspense of our time," said Irwyn Applebaum, president and publisher of the Bantam Dell Publishing Group, which announced the book's release Thursday. Creepola! Maybe I'll just wait for the inevitable movie.
  • CLICK HERE for your first look at Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.
  • Elton John is ready to apologize to Madonna for criticizing her lip-syncing earlier this month. Elton John is ready to apologize to Madonna after recently accusing the pop star of lip-synching. "I don't want to escalate it because I like Madonna," the 57-year-old singer-songwriter tells Entertainment Weekly. "She's been to my house for dinner. It was something that was said in the heat of the moment, and probably should not have been said." John made the comment when presenting the Best Live Act award during the Q awards in London earlier this month. In EW's Nov. 6 issue, John described the event as "a very drunken lunch." I bet she tore into his dumb ass after he made his comment. Ah well ... drama is fun amongst divas.
And that is all. Hallowe'en celebrations were pretty subdued here today. But, I have to tell you ... an important bit of information has made its way to my hungry ears. The headmaster of the school where I work (who I can't stand, as you know) was in New York interviewing for another job! He told us, the faculty, that he would be away for "meetings". Well those "meetings" are actually interviews at other schools. I cannot tell you how happy I will be when GWB loses the election AND our headmaster also goes away. This news is SO DEVELOPING ... I'll keep you informed.

I found out last night that John Kerry is going to hold one more rally in Michigan (downtown Detroit, actually) on Monday and I plan on going. We have the day off work for Teacher Records Day and my grades are D-O-N-E! Woo! I love Kerry!!!

Last thing, a new blog that I've been reading, Fishering, posted this great picture and I wanted to share it with you too.

I couldn't agree more!