Monday, November 01, 2004

1 More Day

I spent most of this morning watching the various news channels getting me all pumped up for the Kerry rally today. I wanted to get to downtown Detroit really early because I wanted to secure a good spot near the soon-to-be president!

I went to the Detroit Democratic headquarters to get tickets for the rally and ran into Stevie Wonder giving a press conference about his appearance at the rally!

Then it was off to Joe Louis Arena to await Kerry. I managed to get a coveted blue ticket that let me into the arena ahead of the people with the plain 'ol white tickets and got a great seat near the stage. Sarah showed up about an hour later and was able to sit with me. We had so much fun! Stevie was there as was Brendan Shanahan from the Detroit Red Wings ... then Kerry and his daughters arrived it was great! I managed to get really close to him after the rally was done but I just couldn't get to shake his hand :( It was awesome though! Sarah got to meet Brendan Shanahan:

And that was that! 1 more day folks. Let's get out there and vote us a new president!!!

I'm going to bed early tonight, I want to vote before I got to work tomorrow so I'm out!