Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Drug Against War

So today I was able to see KMFDM on their 20th Anniversary American Tour. They were pretty good but not quite as good as the last time I saw them (last year on the WWIII tour). Let's be honest, KMFDM is disco-industrial music -- awesome to dance to. But, that really pertains to their older material. Anything from the MDFMK album to present just hasn't been that spectacular. I love Lucia but I really miss the old female background vocals that used to be plastered in every KMFDM song. While Raymond (PIG) Watts was on the WWIII and ATTAK albums they still weren't as good as the Nihil days. The show tonight wasn't the best I'd seen (I think the show I saw at Deep Ellum Live in Dallas Texas back in '95 was the best KMFDM show I've ever seen ... I almost died at that show!). Still I was very happy to hear them perform Light, A Drug Against War, Flesh and Godlike.

At the end of the show I ran into Scary Sarah and Jeremy. It was very cool to see them! We are all going to see Marilyn Manson next weekend so we decided to go together. It shall rock!

I'm off to bed now, KMFDM is still worth seeing ... but I really miss their glory days.

Pray and pray
That your country undergoes recovery

--Godlike KMFDM