Monday, November 08, 2004

Sad But True?

Hey y'all, it's Trent! Woo! The weekend started off nice and slow (a quiet night hanging with just Erik and Stephanie on Friday and then a Buffython on Saturday) but ended with a bang (KMFDM was loud and raucous). The temperature was very cold this morning ... winter is quickly approaching.

Here is a picture of Britney and her rat husband while honeymooning in Fiji. Since we all know that she did, in fact, write that second letter to fans (MTVnews also confirms that the letter is by her hand, read the article HERE) it would be interesting to find out if all those pregnancy rumors are true or not. The following set of pictures, from, show Britney crying on the phone while the rat Kevin is pumping gas. I wonder what she's all upset about?

I, for one, am excited that her greatest hits album is being released tomorrow. In addition to My Prerogative there is another new track, Do Somethin', on the disc -- along with her other greatest hits. Actually, I am more excited about the DVD that is being released as well. All of her videos will be on it and each of the videos will have extra scenes and/or different angle shots, etc.

Let's get to the other news, shall we?
  • MSNBC has posted a really cool article on Ted Leo in attempt to let the world in on this indie wonder. Leo's smart, politically-charged lyrics hit on everything from thoughtful self-doubt to haymaker swings against the Iraq war ("How're you going to save the world/When the world ain't ready?"). On "Heart Problems" he's sticking it to the health care industry, reeling off a list of drugs from Ampicillin to Ziprasidone. (I've yet to hear any other song name check Ziprasidone.) There's no doubt about his anger at the current American Way, and his skill at mixing those slings and darts into energetic anthems makes the messages even more immediate. All of it is delivered with his raw, relentless Robin Zander-ish vocal flutter that bobs and weaves like a middleweight prizefighter. "Shake the Sheets" has the potential to reinvigorate a genre, maybe even a nation, that sorely needs his infectious buoyancy. Erik loves his music ... I get to hear his new cd every single time I get in his car ... Every single time ... Yep, every time. See, so while I talk a lot of Britney I also pay heed to the indie scene as well!
  • While I am upset over the outcome of this year's election, I wasn't quite as upset as the guy who killed himself at Ground Zero in protest. NEW YORK (AP) -- A 25-year-old from Georgia who was distraught over President Bush's re-election apparently killed himself at Ground Zero ... Andrew Veal's body was found Saturday morning inside the off-limits area of the former World Trade Center site, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A shotgun was found nearby, but no suicide note was found, Coleman said ... Veal's mother said her son was upset about the result of the presidential election and had driven to New York, Gus Danese, president of the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association, told The New York Times in Sunday's editions. I guess he didn't get that email from Michael Moore entitled 17 Reasons not to Slit Your Wrists. I'm not trying to sound crass -- but I've tried to make the point that placating messages just don't soothe everyone.
  • Hey, the Duff sisters are doing another duet! Hey, they're covering another hit from the 80's! Hey, oh ... just read on: The famous sibs have already teamed up for one '80s cover for a film this year (the Go-Go's' 1981 classic "Our Lips Are Sealed" for the soundtrack to "A Cinderella Story"), and now they have their sights set on another: Madonna's 1984 hit "Material Girl" for the soundtrack to the like-named comedy "Material Girls," in which they'll co-star ... The Duffs will play sibling heiresses who lose their father's fortune in the wake of a scandal and are forced to fend for themselves in the real world. There are shades of the Hilton sisters not just in the setup, but also in their characters' improbable but distinctive names, Persia and Tanzie. This "riches-to-rags" tale originally attracted interest from Anne Hathaway and Lindsay Lohan. Should be a big hit ... right?
  • Are you a fan of Six Feet Under? Well, you must like death then right? HBO is preparing to bury "Six Feet Under." The cable channel confirms that the upcoming fifth season of "Six Feet" will be its last ... Series creator Alan Ball recently told HBO executives that he felt the show ? revolving around the trials of a family that runs a mortuary ? will have run out of creative steam by the end of the upcoming 12-episode season. See ... they get you hooked on a show and then right when you're all invested in it they PULL IT AWAY and END THE SERIES -- even after you have spent countless hours watching the extraordinary tales of a vampire slayer and ... oh ... nevermind.
  • Rosario Dawson has been cast to play Mimi in the theatrical version of the hit Broadway musical Rent. Dawson will play Mimi Marquez, the Latina stripper afflicted with AIDS and a drug problem. Not only is Dawson the first actor to officially sign up for the pic, but she also could end up being the only principal who was not in the original stage cast. Taye Diggs, Jesse L. Martin, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp and Idina Menzel are in discussions to reprise their roles in the film. The movie is set to start filming next year and will be directed by Chris Columbus, the guy who did the first Harry Potter movie.
  • The final nail in the Ashlee lip-syncing coffin -- go HERE to make her dance as you wish.
That is all ... I have a faculty meeting after school today. I wish I were dead. Pity me ...