Monday, November 15, 2004

Meeting Mary Nancy

I do not even know how I am awake. Last night's show was so raucous; I got my ass beat for most of the show AND THEN I ended up hanging out after the show for hours just to meet Marilyn Manson. Here's the tale ...

I was really excited to see MM because it has been a long time since I've seen them live. I missed out on the Grotesk Burlesk Tour (which means the last tour I saw, the Guns, God & Government Tour, was about 3 or 4 years ago) and I wanted to make sure that I did not miss their Greatest Hits tour, Against All Gods. I secured my ticket via presale because I just knew the show was going to sell out -- it oversold actually, but I'll get to that in a second.

I ran into Scary Sarah and Jeremy at the KMFDM show last week and we all decided to hang out together at the MM show. It turned out that Jeremy (who works for WRIF 101 in Detroit) had to work the concert and Scary had to show up late to the show because she had to drop off her son at his dad's house. We decided to meet up at the WRIF table in the lobby so that we could hang out.

I decided to leave for the show 1 hour after doors were to open because I wanted to bypass the line outside and just walk right in. I got to the venue about 1 hour and 15 minutes after doors opened and the line was still down the street and around the block. It was 43° and I was wearing boots, leather pants and a t-shirt. I actually thought about just going to the car to wait ... but I was afraid that if I did that I would just give up and go home. I remembered all the many, many, many times before when I braved the freezing cold for concerts (either before or after the shows) and just sucked it up and froze.

I finally got inside the venue and was able to meet up with Jeremy at the WRIF table. He was busy and Sarah hadn't showed up yet so I decided to get into the fray on the general admission floor. I got way up to the front and boy did I pay for it. I was crushed ... just like the old days except I'm far less resilient than I used to be. I used to be able to hang for the whole show ... now, not so much. I got out of the mess after 8 songs.

Here was the setlist:

Intro: Antichrist Superstar (orchestral version)
Prelude (The Family Trip)
The Love Song
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
Disposable Teens
Minute of Decay
Personal Jesus
Get Your Gunn
Great Big White World
Tainted Love
The Fight Song
The Nobodies
The Dope Show
Rock Is Dead
The Golden Age of Grotesque
Sweet Dreams
The Beautiful People


Antichrist Superstar
Outro: Suicide Is Painless (recorded)

I watched the rest of the show from the far left side ... not a bad vantage point. As I was walking out of the venue I saw Sarah by the WRIF table and went over to give her a hug. She squeezed me almost to death and goes WE'RE GOING TO MEET MANSON! Jeremy was going to count us as WRIF "radio contest winners" who could go backstage to meet MM. I didn't have anything to get signed ... but Sarah brought 3 absinthe spoons for him to sign (he is a big fan of absinthe). The record company rep took us back into the venue and gave us all promotional posters. We waited around for like 45 minutes and then were escorted downstairs to The State Theater's green room. I had never been backstage at The State Theater before. We waited like good little boys and girls and his "people" were very nice and polite to us. They were gentle and really trying to make us feel comfortable ... it was bizarre! They did tell us that MM did not want to do pictures but that we could each get 2 things signed.

Marilyn Manson came out and we all lined up and got our 10 seconds with him. He loved Sarah's tattoo and commented on it. He wrote the name of his favorite brand of absinthe on Jeremy's cd cover and then it was my turn. He reached out his hand to shake mine and says to me "Oh, I recognize you." I was all "!!!!!!" After that all the witty things I wanted to say went right out of my head. I told him he played an "amazing show, as always" and thanked him "very much" for the time he took to meet with us. As you can tell by the scans of my autographs it looks like he signed the name Mary Nancy on my spoon! I love it!

And that was that ... it was very very fun! I really wanted to sneak a pic with my camera phone but decided that I got really lucky and shouldn't risk getting yelled at.

Here's the rest of today's news ...

  • As I'm sure you're well aware by now, Ol' Dirty Bastard has passed away: The rapper, whose real name was Russell Tyrone Jones, was having difficulty breathing and complained of chest pains earlier in the day, according to his spokesperson. Dirty was at Wu-Tang's studio, 36 Records LLC on West 34th Street, when he collapsed in the lounge at approximately 4:35 p.m. on Saturday. EMS workers rushed to the scene but were unable to resuscitate him and he was pronounced dead at 5:04 p.m., according to a spokesperson for the city medical examiner's office. An autopsy conducted Sunday morning revealed no conclusive results. Toxicology and tissue tests will be administered and the cause of death is expected to be known within 10 days. I think my favorite ODB moment was when he took MTVnews cameras with him to the welfare office to pick up his food stamps (to help feed his 15 or so kids) while his band had the #1 million-dollar selling CD in the country. We'll miss Dirt McGirt ...
  • Bobby Brown is talking smack about Britney's cover of My Prerogative. Fallen R+B star BOBBY BROWN has poked fun at BRITNEY SPEARS' rendition of his classic MY PREROGATIVE because it's nowhere near as good as the original ... Brown gave the pop star permission to cover his 1989 hit because he felt sure it would be a money-making opportunity, but he hates Britney's cover ... He says, "I love the video. I'm not impressed with the music. It's not mine... "Call me Britney, we'll get together and I'll show you how to really do it. Don't do that again." That crackhead is out of his mind. Note, he is referred to as a "fallen" star. He should just busy himself with beating up on Whitney and leave Britney alone.
  • Speaking of Ms. Spears, she is getting ready to follow Tommy Lee's footsteps ... she's going to college. The 23-year-old newlywed has enrolled at Pepperdine College near her Malibu, California, home and is intent on having different employment options - because she's tired of seeing her face splashed across newspaper and magazine covers. A source revealed: "Despite all the money she has, Britney is getting bored. She is enjoying her current newlywed status, but even she knows that fame won't last forever." You go girl! The word going around is that she's gonna study physics, read more HERE.
And that is all. I am happy to report that I've upgraded my phone AGAIN but this time I was able to migrate my account from AT&T Wireless to Cingular (since Cingular bought AT&T) so now I have roll-over minutes ... AND A KICKASS NEW PHONE. But more on that when it arrives ...

Wee ...