Friday, December 03, 2004

And Then There Was Friday

Last night's excursion to Luna was very fun. Kirsten, Mike, Stephanie, Steve, Erik and I met at the Living Room for martinis and then we (sans Steve) went to Luna to meet up with Mary, Blaine, Nick, his girlfriend and Kurt (a friend of Kirsten's from Toronto) for dancing. The drinks were great and the music was great ... we had such a fun time. Scary Sarah couldn't make it (which bummed me out) so we'll have to make sure she comes next time. It was totally fun!

But before we went out last night I had to watch this week's episode of Lost. OMG! I cannot express how awesome this episode was! I finally got to watch my taped copy last night and, OMG, it was sooo good! Right from the get-go it struck me as a very Buffy episode. The opening dream sequence was very much like what might occur in a Buffy episode. And the surprises for this episode were UNBELIEVABLE!

The whole bit with the psychic was freaky! What he actually foresaw was just mind-blowing! And the super surprise at the end (We are not alone on this island!) -- OMG!!! I was screaming it was so good! This was, by far, the best episode so far. I cannot wait for next week's episode. And Sarah, you better get yo' ass home and watch the damn episode already ... I need to squeal with someone on the phone about this episode.

Lessee ... Oh, there is a teaser trailer online for the movie-version of Bewitched at the OFFICIAL SITE:

The movie, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell (though I really think they should cast another lead actor to play Darren #2 midway in the movie -- that would rock!), should be cute. The teaser has the first look at Nicole doing the Samantha-nose-twitch (complete with the "tink-a-dink-a-dink" sound) but, unfortunately, it's not as good as Elizabeth Montgomery's nose twitch. But, there is plenty of time to get it right.

We also have one of our first looks at Jessica Simpson dressed as Daisy Duke:

Woo! Look at that girl with the Daisy-Dukes on ... What? What? Geeze, who sings that horrible song? Ugh, the mid-90s were a horrid time for music. ANYWAYS ... I think it will be interesting to see these big-screen adaptations of our favorite TV shows ... it will also be interesting to see how bad they eff them up.

Let's do (the quick) news run-down:
  • If these new movie marketing executives are smart they will market their movies like Disney/Pixar is doing for The Incredibles. But what's really incredible about this animated superhero movie isn't just the box office. It's the way co-creators at The Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Animation Studios have marketed the film over mobile devices. Pick up your phone or log onto Disney Mobile, the company's cell-centric Web site, and you can download two dozen Incredibles wallpaper graphics, two new video games and three dozen custom-made ring tones--including one of villain Syndrome growling, "What, you expected a cute little ring?" It's a clever way to promote the movie--but perhaps just as importantly, it's a strong new revenue stream for both content and service providers. As the cell phone companies have expanded their presence among youth markets, other businesses are discovering that the mobile format is a great way to reach kids, and that these young consumers are willing and able to spend serious money over the phone. People (and kids) are becoming increasingly more savvy with mobile technology, it's wise to capitalize on this new trend. The statistics are very surprising: The number of kids armed with cell phones is surprisingly high. By the end of this year, half of all children between the age of 11 or 17 will have their own phone, according to the Yankee Group. They're profitable consumers, too: Kids use more minutes on their cell plans and spend freely on premium, paid services. All told, users under the age of 18 probably account for as much as a quarter of the $100 million a year cellular service market. Can you imagine what it will be like in just 5 years? We might emulate the cellular phone culture of Japan of 4 years ago.
  • Marti Noxon, the executive producer of BTVS, is premiering an east-coast version of The OC this January on Fox ... and it sounds really cool. Point Pleasant, which premieres Jan. 20 (9 p.m. ET/PT), right after The O.C., is set in another O.C. — Ocean County, N.J. There's a cute lifeguard, a handsome doctor, a hot-to-trot mother, flaring tensions and secret lust, all in a quaint town on the Jersey shore ... "From the moment we pitched it, we've thought of it as Rosemary's Baby meets Peyton Place or Rosemary's Baby meets The O.C.," Parouse says. The point of paranormal Point: "In pretty places, dark secrets can happen." But it won't be over the top, she says. "There's nothing campy about it." I'm totally sold. If Marti Noxon is involved ... I'm so on board.
  • The lady that ended Ken Jennings' 75-game winning streak ... only lasted as champion for one day; things in the Jeopardy! world are back to normal. After beating the winningest contestant in TV history by more than $5,000 on Tuesday, Zerg was deposed after a mere 24 hours on the game-show throne. She wound up in last place with just $2 ... "She will always be the answer to the trivia question: 'Who beat Ken Jennings?' " said Steve Beverly, a former broadcaster who founded, a website that followed Jennings moment by moment. "She will be in the record books, even though she only lasted a day." Whatever! A loser is a loser in my book. Period.
  • Woo! Here is some juicy Nick & Jessica goss from Gawker [via Stereogum] -- any takers on how long they have left? Check out the link to read an email from a production assistant that offers very titillating gossip that seems to sustain the belief that the "Newlyweds" are on the outs. Here's an excerpt from the email: My boss and I were talking to Nick about extending his intro for Jessica by 30 secs. We asked him what he wanted to say about her. These are [Nick’s] exact words... "Let's see what could I say.......Do you really want me to tell you...... Not too many nice things to say about her (this is [we] started sweating and getting uncomfortable)... How about she was the best stocking I ever stuffed?" He then proceeded to say, "She was the best Chimney I've ever come down on." What scared me about those comments, besides the obvious, is that he was dead serious. His manager didn't even laugh. It wasn't said as a joke. It was almost like he was pissed off. There was def. an edge to it. And the talking in past tense really threw me off. Holy crap! I totally believe it ... but, then again, I tend to believe much of this gossipy stuff.
So while Miss Jessica Simpson's marriage seems to be decomposing from the inside out it seems that Britney Spears' life is decomposing from the outside in. Here is a pic of Britney taken the day of her birthday:

I really love the posh Juicy Couture scarf (that probably cost $300). No, what I really love is the McDonald's in the background. Classic! Does she not look like a Desperate Housewife? At least she glammed up a bit later on in the evening when Kevvy-Wevvy took her out on the town:

God ... they look terrible.

Anyways, posting will be very limited this weekend. We're going out of town again. This weekend will be spent in Rochester, New York for an Xmas party. We're leaving tonight (around 5:30pm) and won't return until Sunday afternoon. Woo! Actually, Ack! I hate roadtrips. I'll see what I can do about posting ... otherwise, miss me :)